Spending too much on PPC ads


I have spent a lot money on Amazon PPC ads and have not received that much sales in comparison. In fact I have not made a single profit because of all the Amazon fees + PPC ads. If I don’t advertise I will not get any sales and if I do I don’t make any proft. I also don’t know why I don’t have any reviews too.


Unfortunately that’s the way new businesses are sometimes , which is why you ideally need to start with a large pot of money to keep you ticking over

Did you start out too with a PL product from china etc rather than buying and reselling known brands ?


Yes I’m selling a PL product.
so there is no way I can reduce ACOS and increase ROAS?


Assuming I found you, I just followed a link you put on Facebook to one of your products and it takes me to the listing but has your competitor in the buybox - you need to be sharing a link that presents your offer as being the buybox winner, not a direct link to the core listing. Incidentally they are asking £13 whereas you want £28 - you are basically advertising that product on behalf of your competitor.

Edit - it also looks like you have two ASINs for the same product? At least I cannot immediately see any difference other than one is FBA and the other FBM. If they are the same then you should only have one ASIN and have both FBA and FBM as options. Aside from it being against the rules, if you have been running ads on both then you are wasting effort on one of them.


I am not running any ads on the FBM listing, that was a testing I was doing. I don’t have any competitors because it is a PL. I don’t do any FB ads only Amazon PPC.

Hiring a VA to run campaign manager PPC

It’s worth working on the quality of the listing. The bullet points are formatted strangely and some of the phrases are seemingly repeated in error. The grammar also isn’t great in some of them. You should also remove reference to you as a seller and what you offer as it is a generic listing.

It looks like your product description may be taken from US copy as it has American spelling. Even that has some phrases which are written strangely.

Some of those are small details, but they are things that can put off a buyer after you’ve essentially paid Amazon to show them your listing.


Hi Meemgreen
I can do Audit of your PPC campaigns. To find out where you are spending most without getting sales. I will also suggest you the keywords to spend on those to get more sales.
Looking forward to talk more with you


There is definitely a way to reduce ACOS my friend its listing optimization with most relevant keywords added into title, bullet points and in description after that optimize your campaign weekly by adding new keywords, negative targeting changing budget strategy etc.


PPC is not just to run an ads and wait for conversion/sales.
i agree as a new seller you have to spent on ppc and also to do brand awareness too.
but it doesn’t mean to bleed badly and spent all your investment on ppc and do not rank organically.
there are other factors too that need to be checked before running ppc.

  1. Listing.
    listing should be optimized mean the most relevant kws must be used in title, bullet point and description. it will help you in ppc and compaign creation and can easily rank you on that kws.
  2. Images.
    as i have experienced most of the sellers focus on ppc but do not focus on images which is the most attractive thing and customers and can increase your CTR and CVR.
  3. A+ content.
    EBC/A+ content is very important and can play a vital roll in product promotion and sales.
    proucts with good images and eye catching bullet points and description can impact on customer mind.


And also long tail keywords
‘Mug’ is a keyword but they will never find you.
The same can be said for “ceramic mug”
but if you use “blue ceramic mug with dogs” not many people will search for it, but those who do will easily find you. Don’t forget that many people search on Google for a product not directly on Amazon and a good title and description will help you a lot.


Review rates on Amazon are terrible. Don’t run any PPC until you have reviews. Enrol the listing on Vine Deals, give away products in exchange for reviews.
Then take the advice Wah_Mart1 gave.
Get Helium 10 or Jungle Scout for keywords, listing building and tracking which KW your ranking for. You can also track what KW your competitors are ranking for, how much they’re bidding etc.

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