Spike in Claims for Non-Delivery - COVID-19


Hi All
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all couriers including RM are no longer obtaining signatures when leaving parcels. As a result we have seen a spike in claims for undelivered goods despite having it show as delivered on the relevant websites from the couriers, i would like to ask if other sellers are experiencing the same, what are Amazon doing to negate this, Surely they cannot always find in favour of the customer in these instances - which appears to be the case currently.


Not a single claim from anybody for anything undelivered here. This is normal for us and therefore we haven’t seen any changes in patterns of behaviour. There will always be some that will try it on, regardless of a crisis. However, I think in general (and just based on forum threads) things have been pretty reasonable.

Your analogy that all couriers are no longer obtaining signatures isn’t quite the case, however. DPD for instance have employed a policy whereby the courier leaves the parcel inside the doorway of a property and then photographs the parcel in situ, on the scanner. This then comes through as a confirmed signature from the buyer. If the buyer refuses to allow the parcel to be photographed in this way, it is taken back and marked as refused to accept. This seems a pretty fair way of doing things because not only have you confirmation of delivery, DPD have a photo of the said delivery after it has taken place. I’m happy with this process. I wish all couriers did this.


Hi just called seller support, They have no policy to support us in anyway. I have had to refund 2 items this week. its a licence to steel from us, A-Z team wont even respond when i asked them.


Can I ask if these where prime orders? If FBM then tell them as per Amazon and your own policy they can return for a full refund but the refund will not happen until they have returned in a new/unopened state. Do not give your money away.


Have you noticed from the buyers delivery that they have added this clause to the shipping and delivery section

" 5. Is it possible to reduce contact with the driver when they deliver my order?

Yes. Amazon’s delivery associates and partners have been advised to reduce contact with customers, this may include placing packages at the customer’s doorstep and stepping back. If an ID check is required, the driver will complete the check at a distance. You can also choose a safe place location where the driver can leave your package if you can’t answer the door. Drivers are asked to follow your delivery preference where possible. You are able to set your delivery preference during checkout on the Review your order screen by clicking on Add delivery instructions and selecting your desired safe place option.

In order to protect customers and their neighbours, we’re temporarily suspending the ability to deliver your order to a neighbour."

Perhaps this could be quoted to any claims ?


Yes definitely. My sales have gone through the roof and so too have messages for non receipt. Some are definitely genuine and are down to the known and understandable issues within RM. You usually know when a buyer is at it though. The message is usually along the lines of not received want refund. I had one yesterday and when I replied that tracking shows it delivered her response was:

I was only going by amazons. Running late status. Will check with neighbours post when they are allowed back to their holiday cottage. As some of our post goes there. Thank u

Things are difficult enough atm, but these messages from Amazon to customers are causing so many problems.


Couldn’t agree more - they are just bringing out the dishonesty in (some) people .


I’m also getting negative feedback where item tracking shows delivered. Never had it before. I guess is just because items are arriving a couple of days later than usual.


No it’s worse that that. Amazon are actually telling them their item is late or lost and to contact their seller for a refund :confused:


At least 10 a day and they have all been scanned as delivered, Depressing, just feel like turning everything off.


I have the same problem, as a seller on both Amazon and Ebay. I have lost money as buyers have claimed for non delivery although I have had tracking numbers and signatures in some cases. The buyer is always favoured and sent a full refund, no further questions asked, leaving me, the seller out of pocket. I feel robbed !!


I sell CD’s / DVD’s had them returned opened…copied of course…I refused the refunds on the basis of them being opened…Amazon directly overturned Me & refunded this thief. Forget it if you think Amazon play by the rules, they often break them themselves…its a racket.


Was it just the one thief?


No mate…I shipped over 70,000 CD’s in last 10 years and have had hundreds


I’ve had at least 30 emails In the past week from customers saying they still haven’t received their items.

I Sent them an email explaining the situation with Royal Mail and asked them to wait a few more days. Also explained that I’ve had a few buyers who purchased their item a couple days before them that have received their items today so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Haven’t had one email back from them since except a few saying they have now received it. Royal Mail can be at least 3 days behind expected delivery times at present so don’t be too hasty to just refund is my advice. Parcels will arrive eventually!


Signed for RM delivery posted 2nd April arrived with buyer this morning.


I do similar but I’m asking them to wait 10 days…problem is after 2 days they file a INR & are refunded anyway.I’ve just increased the price of the items to counter the losses & eventual non returns. These are DVD’s & CD’s and people think music & films should be instantly available & free in the first place.





Where they prime orders or normal FBM?


Not uncommon …how about last Xmas…a full sack…55 DVD’s went missing…never seen since…