Spike in Claims for Non-Delivery - COVID-19


Once posted 12 DVD’s in a hurry in a postbox…no postage but our return address printed…our office 25 meters from sorting office…went in and asked to get them back…never seen since.


OMG that is awful, you must have been panicking.
Did Amazon waive the metrics when they realised it was not your fault?


I hate to say it but a lot depends on what you sell - cd’s and dvd’s and low priced items are often the butt of INR claims, unfortunately it is what it is, books on the other hand don’t tend to be unless it has been purchased through a drop shipper then it can be 90-100% (I am currently cancelling all drop ship orders, it is not worth the stress).


No, not at all. I shipped 3000 DVD’s in a week…that didn’t matter to them…Took the Prime badge & I also had an account suspension warning…after 10 years and earning them almost £100k …


Yep CD’s / DVD’s are an INR opportunity…or high returns … people like to use us as a free rental service. To them music and films should be free anyway…tough market.


Do you find certain categories of music are more prone to false INRs than others?

There are certain types of music, such as ‘grime’ and death metal, that I tend to avoid.

I’m not at your level of turnover and CDs are not my main Amazon product, but I have sold several thousand CDs over the last 10+ years. The number of outright thieves I’ve encountered is a very small percentage of the total number of buyers. Less than a dozen, I would guess (and some of them are dodgy dropshippers to boot).


I actually run the production company…I am like a label…so i work with the bands…we go out record & film live shows…I avoid certain bands…yes, though certain fans of bands claim INR’s…as these are limited edition releases we have to watch the fans on Facebook or forums & have caught a few advising others to buy and send back or claim INR’s… I or bands management issue warnings & they are usually banned…Fans of 60’s bands NEVER claim INR’s or want refunds…Britpop fans try it on…


If any amazon mod is reading this, please please can you reach out to the necessary department and ask them to

  1. amend the emails they are sending customers automatically stating their parcel may be lost etc. Numerous sellers have already stated this is causing a big problem at the moment but nothing has been done about it.

  2. extend the delivery time even further on the website (yes I know we can extend handling times) but as this is a regional pandemic that’s affecting everyone it would make more sense.

  3. maybe send a generic email to everyone explaining that couriers are facing lengthy delays at present.

On the whole, most customers are very understanding of the situation but it’s really not fun having to respond to so many emails a week explaining the exact same thing.


Yup, getting them too. This is the latest:
“Said it’s expected by yesterday. Still haven’t got it. Where’s my stuff?”
FFS a little common courtesy never goes amiss!


Just had this from a customer who is honest.

Hello, just letting you know that we received this item well over a week ago but Amazon is pushing me to contact you for a refund. Just letting you know incase you need to mark it off on your end.




Exactly what I’m getting too! Higher than Christmas … feels like a scammers paradise! Shame :frowning:



I copied this from the information on the other forum


_Regrettably we are unable to issue a refund or issue a replacement as the item shows as delivered. _

This is on the Royal Mail website

Signing for and receiving items

_In order to protect both our people and customers as much as possible, we are minimising contact during delivery. We will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures but instead log the name of the person accepting the item. Additionally, for all customers where we need to deliver any item that won’t fit through your letterbox, we will place your item at your door. Having knocked on your door, we will then step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. This will ensure your item is delivered securely rather than being left outside. _

You can see more info here https://www.royalmail.com/d8/coronavirus-changes-service 11

We will however contact the Royal Mail in this instance and have them investigate the matter as they are now recording the GPS location of where the item was delivered. If an investigation is made and the result is that the item wasn’t delivered, we will issue you with a refund at a later date. If we a feel crime has been committed IE by a Royal Mail employee, we will inform the police as tampering with Her Majesty’s mail is a serious offence and not taken lightly.


Seriously considering to go on holiday settings now. The amount of emails we are getting for non receipt are getting worse. Royal Mail are so backlogged now it seems to be becoming unmanageable.


I’ve just gone onto holiday settings today for exactly the same reason.


Yep I’ve turned holiday settings on now. I think the Easter bank holiday weekend has really caused Royal Mail issues. They basically received 4 days worth of orders all at once and with 50% less staff it must of caused absolute chaos.


I feel your pain… 10 days and still waiting for tracked 48’s to arrive.


I know we spoke on my thread, just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

I’ve now had two claims, both with photo proof, one DHL and one DPD, both refunded by Amazon. Both appeals unsuccessful.


I can’t speak for the DHL one but for the DPD one, you email managingdirector@amazon.co.uk because DPD have a policy now of leaving the parcel inside the open door of the customer and then photographing it. If the customer refuses this, they take it back. DPD therefore have all the proof you need that the parcel was delivered. We have had this discussion a few times on the forum now and Amazon need to adjust their systems to allow for this. Most definitely appeal at least the DPD one to MD. Good luck


I’ve spent nearly all day replying to emails from customers asking where their parcel is. Worryingly I’ve heard from a reliable source that Royal Mail have had to (unofficially) abandon all standard non-tracked packets. There is apparently mail sat at depots that has been there for nearly 2 weeks! I hope he was joking… but he said “rumours” they have had to leave some outside with waterproof sheets over! I knew it was bad but didn’t think it was quite this bad.


My Collection Postman told me similar - but three weeks!