Spike in Claims for Non-Delivery - COVID-19


We have had quite a few today. one is very angry and upset. we are telling everyone that it will still arrive but some want refunds or a replacement so it going to be a fun week ahead.


Yes we’ve noticed a definite increase in the number of not received items but to be fair to the buyers, 95% of these are not showing as delivered on the tracking so I’m guessing they’re sitting in RM depots. Fortunately most people are reasonable about it but there have been a few who don’t seem to realise what’s going on out there. We’re just waiting for the increase in neg feedback but, hey, there’s more important things in life…


Wouldn’t surprise me if it is 3 now weeks! Some depots are storing mail in temporary units / containers… worries me that they will get forgotten about. I’m told it will “definitely get worse before it gets better.”


A lot of my stuff is time critical… for birthdays and its personalised… we have had orders from the 29th of March to April 3rd which are only being delivered now, This however has not stopped the claims for the items being of no use now as its gone passed the day they needed it for… I have refunded 45 orders already because of this. had negative feedback. I honestly feel like shutting my Amazon shop or suing Royal Mail for compensation. as you business know we cant claim for business post (depending on the product code you ship with) and Amazon are free willy refunding customers so not only are we loosing on production costs but orders. IF only Royal mail would update their service announcements with the extended times.

My local collection Driver advised me that our local sorting office has over 2000 cages of Mail waiting to be scanned into the system.

some of our tracked 48 stuff has not been scanned into the system yet 1 week later.

Its a Joke…



My reply on another thread -

I have changed shipping settings to 3-5 days, won’t really help much though as my contact at Royal Mail tells me some depots are temporarily storing mail in outside units because they are “well above capacity”. I’m getting quite a few follow-up emails from customers saying delivery has taken 2-4 weeks. Last weekend (Easter/Bank holiday) was the straw that broke the camels back. Expect it to get worse before it gets better I have been told :frowning:

And don’t think sending (untracked) 1st class is any quicker than (untracked) 2nd class at the moment. Absolutely no difference in speed - this is from someone that works in the one of the biggest depots in country. Special Delivery still priority as it’s the service they are “proud” of, but that’s about it.


I use nothing less than RM tracked 24/48 as i was told when i first came onto Amazon that the tracking number is key and without you are asking for trouble. As far as i can see here its the 2d RM barcode that Amazon doesn’t accept and it is killing sellers with INR claims. Protect yourselves and build into your costs appropriate shipping that gives you a chance because i am not getting any claims for INR, just the odd enquiry because a order is late.


Whilst i have taken to sending everything tracked during this lockdown because of the major delays with Royal Mails untracked services.
Building extra cost into the items to help with the tracked costs has its throwbacks, as Amazon have now decided to hit everyone with these new price gauging metrics.
Raising the price just seems to attract listing closures and excess amounts of time with POA’s that go round in circles with their magical bots.
I am just taking the hit in the price increase for tracked as i’m fed up with the High Price warnings for making more than £1 profit on a £50 item


Somebody please stop me wanting to respond in an equally rude way to ‘where’s my stuff’ This is not doing my blood pressure any good at all!


Royal Mail update as from today

Service Update

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Normal deliveries and collections should take place throughout the UK this week. However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely some areas of the country will experience some level of disruption due to Coronavirus-related absences at local mail centres or delivery offices. We’re sorry about this. Every item of mail is important to us, so we’re working hard to keep any delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.


I am noticing an unprecedented use of the word unprecedented. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyone else?


I’ve decided today to ignore all messages until this evening. I’ll respond to them all at the same time, it saves me getting stressed at multiple points during the day, I’ll save it for what I’m now going to call stressy hour probably around 6pm :slight_smile:


It seems Royal Mail is struggling more than before. I have a lot of tracked parcels for a week with no update, the worrying thing is the last update is that they were accepted at the post office.


I feel your pain. 5 negs in 3 days for items not delivered. Only purchased during Easter Holiday posted 1st thing Tuesday morning after Easter break. Amazon delivery time Saturday 18th. I felt like crying this morning. No chance of getting them removed by Amazon. Have emailed buyers 1 did remove. This is the other sales channels seller protection. They will remove negs as long as tracking uploaded etc which all mine have.

  • Your Late Delivery rate and seller cancellation Defect rate will be automatically adjusted. We will automatically remove your Late Delivery count, Seller Cancellation defects, and related Negative or Neutral feedback received for transactions between 1 March to 31 May 2020.

  • Your item not received count (INR) in Service Metrics, along with any related Negative or Neutral feedback, will be removed automatically for transactions between 1 March to 31 May 2020. This will be done as long as valid tracking was uploaded before the delivery is scanned and the following occurred:

    • On transactions where both seller and buyer are in the same country, the item was delivered within 10 days of the estimated delivery date.
    • On international transactions, the item was delivered within 30 days of Estimated Delivery Date.


Unfortunately, mine aren’t tracked - just RM 2nd class. Same timeframe as yours, posted 1st thing on 15th, delivery supposed to be Saturday 18th. I have to say that most are understanding of the situation.
It’s just one in particular that’s giving me the rage! I’m sitting on my hands for now. Such an attitude and incredibly rude.


Blue eyed boy posted that its a brilliant response I’ve copied and saved it for my own use.


The other sales channel accepts Royal Mail 2d barcodes as tracking thats the big difference between Amazon and them. Customers on the other sales channel today and yesterday totally understand when you explain to them.


Thank you, that’s interesting and something I didn’t realise :slight_smile:


I have ordered several things on Ebay and one was RM 24hr arrived 6 days afterwards and the one RM 48hr was 2weeks! - Im on good terms with my post lady and she said they were all up to day (this was when the 48hr parcel was 10 days late) so I figured it was lost opened a case - then it appeared a few days later.
I closed my shop a week before lock down as I didnt want to take the risk but when I reopen it will only be on Ebay at frist til normality resumes as they accept the RM Click & Drop tracking and wont refund the buyer (well not out of my pocket) which is scandalous that Amazon (as big as they are earning was it $10k a second on that doc yesterday?) cant protect its sellers even in this crises - never mind still taking my subscription fees (which Ebay are not!) I know I can downgrade but I have access to gated categories and I read if I downgrade and then upgrade I may have to reapply - nightmare scenario and not taking the risk, but its easy for them to see sellers who arent “selling” and on Holiday settings on to not take the fee surely without expecting them to downgrade… I get so mad at Amazons greed but unfortunately they can get away with it.


We’re having hundreds of messages from customers every day (we usually get maybe 30 or so), almost all of them about late deliveries. I’d say about 50% are perfectly understanding of the fact that there is a global pandemic going on and that RM are operating at about 50% capacity, the other half have in many cases been abusive and threatening - its quite shocking to see.

The maximum Amazon will allow you to put on an FBM order even right now is 3-5 days and we’re having people raise A-Z claims the second it goes over.

It’s mad really.


Being bombarded with messages right now - which with an increased volume of orders we expect but I just cannot understand the impatience of some people. We have people that ordered on Friday asking on Tuesday where there order is as it was due on that day… I mean come on!! I just follow this:

Customer: My item hasn’t arrived and it was due today!!!

Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X5o_4nUt38