Spike in Claims for Non-Delivery - COVID-19


If only! Don’t get me wrong I’m glad yours do but I’ve got one that definitely doesn’t. Told me it better arrive on time or she’d be leaving “appropriate” feedback and has now opened a case. So not at all open to my explanation of delays and that I’m happy to accept a return for refund.


Our Amazon seller account is in a horrific situation, due to COVID situation we are getting 500+ orders on a daily basis because our products have been classified as essentials in the current climate.
We have changed our handling times to 4 days ad allowing to deliver an order in 4-7 days, we normally dispatch orders within 24 hrs of the order been placed with us.
Unfortunately, RM is not operating as normally as we are getting at least 100-150 messages a day, asking for refunds and track, moreover, we have received 21 negative feedbacks within 5 days and our account performance health is gone below 70.
We really dont know what to do as amazon has told us they can’t do anything to remove the reviews.
is there anyone else on this platform facing the same problem as we are?
Any advice or recommendations will be highly appreciated.


shut shop - Put holiday settings on…thats all you can do. When have Amazon ever been on the sellers side lets be honest you might as well talk to the wall


I’m going to try something which is a bit of a risk and may or may not work. We use software which is 100% Amazon compliant, normally set up to send an automated email to customers x amount of days after dispatching their items just checking everything is OK, telling them details to get in touch if not and a link to leave feedback if they wish. I’ve turned it off in the last 3 weeks as its not been a good idea!

We can write the email that customers receive, so I’m going to draft one that can go out 1-2 days after we’ve dispatched the order. Carefully worded its going to include info that their item is on its way but explain there are postal delays, what we’ve been doing to try and mitigate them (sending items ahead of schedule, increasing our handling times), about the expected delivery date and potentially items arriving with a delay.

I’m working on the assumption that most of these messages received are because people are fixated on the date and when it doesnt arrive feel justified in complaining, if I give them a heads up that we and Royal Mail are doing their best, keep them informed as much as possible that they will appreciate the honesty and understand the situation more. Ive alway tried to run my business on under promising and over delivering. I may of course be completely wrong but it can’t be worse than what is currently happening. I’m spending two hours a day replying back to people. Thinking I’ll trial it for a few days and see what happens.

Wish me luck!


Katie, I do that but prior to dispatch (and manually I am only a micro seller so although it adds to my time I can do it) and touch wood it seems ok, I have done it for the last week or so.


What really makes me cross is Amazon were encouraging those of us who are normally FBA sellers to ship FBM, promising no damage to metrics etc but when it comes to the crunch it is impossible to get a delayed delivery negative removed, metrics are being trashed and the only viable thing to do is not ship FBM at all. There was also a statement that estimated delivery times would be extended, did not see that happen either. We kept extending our handling time but still with current delays many of the parcels we sent are late. Every day is getting more stressful trying to track orders, carriers are refusing to open investigations it is an absolute nightmare. We just put our account on vacation, and luckily are slowly being able to restock FBA, but merchant fulfilled, just forget it, it is heartbreaking.


I don’t think they promised that actually.
The promise was that for the time being they were not suspending sellers for having poor ODR, cancellation etc.


Yes lots of messages and claims, mostly for Royal Mail large letters, buyers and a-z are a bunch of muppets making little to no allowance for issues caused by Covid-19, doing my nut in, especially seeing as Prime orders we place are arriving a week or more later, Amazon customers are generally quite… demanding, but this is taking the biscuit, on other sales channels the attitude is a lot better but we have become used to the Amazon customer being a bit different, there are a lot of lovely, decent and kind ones too but they are in the minority. They’ve extended the returns window so they should extend the delivery one too. Time to give Amazon some of their own treatment with orders I place that arrive late and be a needy little customer too, good for the goose………


To be honest I have considered that too but as we could keep operating with no other staff and only immediate family from our own household, we thought we should, but it is hard as some of those don’t want to work, and the customers are just awful, 90% of my messages are chasing a delivery ‘my order has not arrived and it’s 2 days past the latest delivery date’ oh FFS, is it mate, so flipping sorry there is an international health crisis and your order is running a bit late! That’s all we need when working 80+ hours a week and making sure all orders are shipped the same or next working day from order, I know 80 hours a week, what do I do after Wednesday!


It’s an absolute nightmare for us, i can’t even sleep at night and i am afraid to go to work as on opening amazon in the morning BINGO 70-80 messages waiting for me to reply. We dont know what to do, we have done automated messages when a customer places an order to inform them that there might be a delay but it did not work. Some customers are contacting us on the same eve of the last delivery date.

We are getting 7-10 a-z claims daily and have received 30+ negative reviews on late delivery in the last 7 days.
We are a shortage of staff however we are sending everything within 24hrs of order received and some of the deliveries sent on 7th- 14th not delivered yet.

It’s crazy and kind of torture, we are working hard to fulfill customers’ needs and what we are getting in return is false language and labeled as liers.

I dont know what to do.


Dont waste your time on that and even you send an automated message, the customer will come back to you on the same day (missed delivery date) or next day to chase for their orders.

I am still using it but had enough of it so I’m going to remove that automated messaging service. It’s pointless.

Best of Luck


That is a horrible situation now.What worries me the most is that the speed Amazon issue refund without even hearing from the seller.Within this month customers who have received their orders made a claim to Amazon of not receiving their item & they receive immediately a refund.They customer received the item & a refund to their money.I contacted Amazon to justify the reason a customer who received their orders go at the back to get refund from Amazon.I never receive any reasonable reply from amazon.Iam shock the way customers are encouraged to get away with this practice…Why is Amazon encourage this practice .This is destroying us financially


Amazon has granted two( 2) A-Z Claims very recently. These packages are late due to the lack of flights going overseas to get packages into Europe. Again, all due to COVID 19. Flights are down 65-70% and it is causing big delays in delivery… weeks in delays. I have appealed both of these A-Z claims and I am waiting to hear back. The packages are in the air and I cant retrieve them back at this point. The customer will get their order and to them it will be free. We have taken the hit. I have just put our site on holiday mode if Amazon.de is going to do this to us. I hope they will reconsider. We all know its out of our control. It seems like Amazon.de have relaxed all the metrics for a while. I know they have in the US. Is that everyone’s understanding?


Sellers have been forced into a very uncomfortable position. A big problem is the cut and paste CS staff are telling customers to put in a claim a few days after the expected delivery date. There is no consideration here for the current situation. This is going to push many sellers over the edge. It is also happening with FBA orders, Amazon are handing out refunds left right and centre for non deliveries as well and then sellers have to wait weeks for reimbursement. Lose Lose situation.


Same issue ! 1000% increase on sales On last year accompanied by 200 emails a day…


Received another neg yesterday which specifically mentions being asked to provide feedback for an item advised was delayed. So one part of Amazon emals them to say it will be late but another part emails to say leave feedback! Talk about left hand/right hand!


Yep had those ! The worst one is “you delayed my parcel and sent me an email saying it’s delayed but will be here by 8pm tonight”
Nope I definitely did not email you that


Yes I’ve had loads of those. Had one last night saying exactly that, and they waited and it didn’t arrive and now I’m solely responsible for ruining their special occasion :confused: Just great!


had x2 INR claims in the lst 24 hours, both from Europe, one in Austria and the other in The Netherlands…Just makes me wonder how long small parcels sent via Air mail all over Europe are taking to arrive and whether I can turn off shipping abroad for the foreseeable future ?


I’m now receiving request for refund on items that were sent at the end in March to the beginning of April. I can’t help but think that some of these people are scammers.

Two emails on the 29th May one from items sent on 15th March and the other 12th April. Both sent via Royal Mail.

I’m just frustrated. Think I’ll probably just close the shop.