Sponsored Product Bug promotes ALL as Prime


Had a bit of a dip in sales over the last couple of days and was wondering why… think I just found out. The sponsored products that appear within other listings (e.g. one under the buy box section and one under the bullet point section) always show Prime logo, even when it isn’t prime.

It’s a bit of an issue for me, because I do a lot of personalised items, and now my competitors, who advertise on my listings are showing the Prime logo in their adverts, which clearly is going to drive more customers to click the adverts than if it didn’t show the prime logo.

Before anyone says “they might be seller fulfilled prime”, nope, they are not. Once in the listing (by clicking on the advert), you can see it’s nothing to do with prime. This is not just about my competitors, it is EVERY SINGLE ADVERT of that type on ALL listings.

The easiest way to check if anyone doubts this bug exists, is to do a search for a random custom item (e.g. personalised mug). When you go into the listing, you should see adverts for other personalised items and they always have the prime logo on them, but if you click them, they are nothing to do with Prime. Once in a blue moon you will find one that is seller fulfilled prime, which is legit, but regardless of whether they are prime of not, the advert is ALWAYS showing the prime logo.

I was going to raise it with support, but lets face it, I will just get a reply telling me how to convert my items to FBA or something equally ridiculous.

Anyone know if there is an official way to report bugs like this?


Can’t help with the reporting (forum mods?), but I’ve had it on on my sponsored display ads - in both regular search results and on other product pages. A little Prime logo next to the ad, even though I don’t do Prime and never have.

On holiday mode atm, so don’t know if it’s still the same. Sounds it though.



  • could you advise where I should report this?


Back online. One example. On a listing of mine promoting another of my calendars -

I don’t and never have done Prime.


Hi @ Party-People1,

Apologies for the delayed response - I just came back from holidays :slight_smile:

I want to check if you have managed to solve this issue and if you still need support.

Kind regards,


I looks to be resolved now. I had a call from your advertising team (sales call, not related to this) and mentioned it to him and he said he would raise it internally. Looks to have done it ;0)


Great news @ Party-People1!

Thank you for the update and please, don’t hesitate to reach out in the future :slight_smile:

Have a great Monday,

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