Sponsored products ads not beening shown for keywords


Up till Monday two of my sponsored products PPC in the same niche were always on the first page.
Now for the main two keywords that actually are the products name ie for instance ( plastic chair )
Now I can’t find any sponsored adverts in the first page or indeed any page.
PPC team don’t seem to understand my problem very well just say that its getting impressions and that i should raise my bids, which i did and it didnt make any difference
If I add ( plastic chair a) or anything else then the are there.
Just not for the main searched two keywords.

I raised all my bids to now avail also.

Any ideas appreciated


Maybe if you posted here the ASINs and keywords, other sellers would be able to check it for you.


It’s not just you - my sponsored products have vanished from page top. It’s across the board as far as I can tell… no sponsored products at page top for any search (e.g. not just my products). It’s very odd, brand sponsorship still shows, and sponsored listings still appear inside other product pages, just not on search results.
This applies only to desktop (mobile looks fine, and is the reason you are still showing impressions on the stats). I suggest people take a look on a desktop and see if theirs have gone too.


Can you find your listings organically - do you have the buy box?

You cannot advertise products if you don’t have the buy box or if they have been suppressed for quality reasons.


Yep, the only ones I sponsor are custom items, so I always have the buy box. Just to point out again, I see no sponsored products for ANYONE in search results, not just my own. Tested at home, at a colleagues address and on 4 different pc’s in the office - same result for all. Mobile devices show the results.


Just because you are the sole seller does not guarantee the buy box. Many factors can cause you to lose it.

I see many sponsored results for ‘plastic chair’ which you mentioned as a keyword in your original post.


I am not the OP, I just have the same issue. I have identified it is my own account that has the issue. If I log out, I see the same results as you do - very odd because I haven’t changed any settings or anything… still, at least I can narrow the issue down now.

On a side note, you are wrong about the buy box. If you are the sole seller of a custom product (e.g. the customer must enter the personalisation details before they are able to check out) you ALWAYS have the buy box… who else could have it if you are the only seller? ;0)



If you are an individual seller (rather than professional) using FBM or if your account metrics are poor then you will not get the buy box even for a product where you are the only seller. This also applies for the first 90 days after account registration.

Sometimes Amazon will also restrict the buy box for other reasons too.


Ah, was not aware of that - we have been selling large volume for years with good standing as pro sellers.

Still can’t get sponsored items to show and can’t find any setting in buyer account that would hide them… very odd.


It’s strange I am the only seller it’s my brand. I must add it’s not a plastic chair I’ve used this as an example.
I’m still getting impressions for my two main keywords but not seeing add or even being on page one. I’ve upped my bids upped to be top of the page etc nothing now works.
These are two of my products one newly launched about a month and another with a good sales history which ironically now has the Amazon choice badge which has doubled my sales since Monday last week
I’m just so concerned as my newest product is slipping down and down in rank as it’s not on page 1


My metrics are perfect. I can see my organic rank one product is since Sunday Amazon choice badge. No ads appear
And my newly launched in same category is not appearing either.
Ok have both buy boxes