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So my ASIN is live and buyable however it cannot be added to any sponsored product campaigns.

When I try this the error message says it is ineligible. I’ve attempted to close and create new campaigns with the same issue.

Has anyone got any tips for this situation?



It shows the reason when you click on campaign and Ad group.


Hi GA_Trading1
If this is you, then you will need to upgrade to a Pro selling plan £25 +Vat pm to be able to use advertising.


Thank you for your response & it says that the ad is “incomplete”.

This is due to the product being ineligible however this does not make sense as we are selling on Amazon


Thank you for highlighting this although that is not my account and we already have a professional selling plan.


Are you asins eligible for the buy box ? Not priced too high etc ?
Are they flagged as adult ?


Is your product in an eligible category? You can refer to this video for more help.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:



ASIN might be ineligible for various reasons - nothing to do whether you sell already or not. Go to - create campaign - sponsored product - (scroll down to) select product(find ASIN affected)…here you will see why ASIN is ineligible


It says "this product cannot be advertised because:

  • Product(s) must be available for sale and suitable for advertising."

Which makes no sense as we have previously advertised this product for over 11 months.


Thanks once again and this video has been useful. I think my best bet will to be call Seller support again and again until one of them figures it out.


What quantity do you have available ?
Is there a future sale date allocated to it ?
Can you see it available on amazon ? And are you in the buy box ?


Could be a long wait! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: lol


Hi, I appreciate your assistance and to answer the following:

  1. We have 263 units left in Amazon
  2. No we don’t have an upcoming sale
  3. Yes we have sold some today even and yes we own the buy box

GA Trading


Whats the asin ?..


It might be haha! Unless you know how to get in contact with Amazon advertising directly?



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