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Following on from my last question. Please can any one tell me what are the best ways of making your item stand out from the others , on the page? Apart from price what is the best way, to give yourself an advantage? Somewhere I read about making a special offer or promotion. A two for one offer. How would you do a 2 for 1 offer? Any ideas. All advice greatly appreciated by a complete novice. Mike,


IMO, the best way to stand out from the crowd is not price, but quality. In several respects:

  • qaulity of product. When scouting I am increasingly looking only for books in Like New or Very Good condition. I will make exceptions and list Good/Acceptable, but as I undertake my rolling cull of long-listed stock, I am getting rid of a lot of inferior quality books I listed when I had less experience. Many of them I would probably now have to downgrade, but it is easier just to de-list and not bother re-listing them, unless there is good reason to do so. I find that buyers will often pay a lot more for a book in excellent condition, even when there are plenty of inferior quality 1p copies available.

  • quality of your condition notes. Be accurate, and be honest. Mention any and all faults, so the buyer knows what to expect. In many cases they will end up being pleasantly susrprised, and will leave glowing feedback. Which in turn encourages other potential buyers to have confidence in you.

  • quality of service. This includes use of appropriate and adequate packing, speed of processing and despatching orders, and the way in which you deal with enquries or complaints.

On all these counts the small seller can have an edge over the megasellers, who may benefit from economies of scale, but find it difficult to compete on quality of service.



Good feedback and honest accurate descriptions?

Amazon is full of chancers and drop-shipping megalisters with one-size-fits-all descriptions.

Anything other than that tends to stand out.


Ther is no way of making yours stand out from the others. As a rule of thimb, being in the cheapest five will give you an advantage, as these appear “above the fold” meaning that really lazy buyers don’t have to scroll down to find yours. However, most of the more sophisticated users of pricing software will know this and use a price ceiling that ensures their books will always appear in the top five, so you’ll need to check all your listingd every four hours or so to make sure yours is still in the frame.

Otherwise, as others have suggested it’s just a case of ensuring that you offer something that large scale sellers can’t - be careful to list things in excellent condition, be honest, and offer truly magnificent service and you MAY find repeat customers, especially if you choose a memorable trading name.


Hi Paul. This is excelleny advice and it all makes great sense. i will bear all the points to you outlined and start to apply them now. Thanks a lot. Mike,

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