Statutes (by-laws/articles of association) Document keep rejecting documents and I'm co cerned about becoming suspended


All of a sudden after 3 or so years on Amazon I’m being asked to send in Statutes (by-laws/articles of association) Document.

I’ve done much research on this and have sent in,

Confirmation statement
Memorandum of association
Articles of association
Company name change confirmation
Share certificate

Can someone who has been through this process please outline what exactly to send and in what format.

I’m very concerned that if I dont provide this soon my account will be suspended. They have already restricted disbursements, and I have £10K awaiting to be disbursed.


Any guidance on this please - it is taking over my life, and I’m on the track to suspension!


I finally got this verified.

For those who stumble upon in this in the future.

Send in the pack that is generated by Companies house when you first incorporate the company, known as the IN01 I believe. You can download this from the Companies House website. Search your company and find the very first document or entry which will be the incorporation pack.

Download this and send it as it is. Mine was 29 pages long in total.

It was verified within a few minutes.


Hi ,

I am also going to the same situation now a days . Documents are rejected 2 times . I provided a new share certificate along with the Articles of association but did not proved the first document that is available at companies house with Confirmation statement , Memorandum of association ,Articles of association etc . But the problem is that when the company was registered 4 years before there were 2 share holders and the shareholder detail page is showing 2 shareholders on the first issued document on Companies house .But now the address is changed as well as the shareholder is changed to only one shareholder .


It doesn’t matter about the ‘current’ situation of the company. Mine is also a different name, shareholders etc from when it was registered, but they accepted this. I think they just want to see that ‘pack’ when the company was first incorporated.