Still confused sending pallet to FBA


We have 75 boxes with one product in each box. We have these boxes ready to ship to customer as they are if sold, each box has FNSKU on outside, but we did not label product inside box. Some say each box has to be in an outer box with a further box label on the outer box, others have said they ship the pallet marked as one box, I presume the box label goes on the outside of the pallet with the pallet label. Putting 75 items, boxed and ready to go with a FNSKU on each one makes sense to us. It doesnt make sense to rebox and relabel again.

Any advice on how to label and ship would be appreciated, we are not sure what kind of problems would ensue from marking outside of pallet as one box. What if we had FNSKU and Box label on same box? That seems like another problem.


You will need 1 x FNSKU on each Unit. If there is one 1 Unit in each Box on the Pallet then each box will need a Box Label. Clear Shrink the whole thing and attach the Pallet Label to the outside. This is how we do it, and haven’t come across any problems.