Stock held in EU unable to dispose of or return


Hi All,

I have been opening cases with Amazon for around a year asking for help in regards to a few items of stock held in various EU FBA centres, unfortunately the responses do not help.
Unfortunately the 2 options available to us to either return or dispose via a flat file or via Amazon removal order does not work as the SKU’s no longer exist in our inventory and re-listing creates new SKU’s therefore these are still not available for removal.
Our account is set to not store inventory in the EU as we do not sell in the EU, just the U.K.

Automatic removals is active although these items appear to not be associated to anything other than long term charges for which we have negative small amounts in our EU seller accounts.

Any help would be appreciated in this, we do not have addresses to send to in the EU therefore we have asked to dispose of these items as it is approximately 10 items in total and not of a large value.

Thank you in advance


You need to recreate the listing with the same sku and then you can create a disposal order


Thank you, I will do that .


It may not be totally relevant to your issue but if you’re storing product in EU Fulfilment Centres, you need to ensure that you’re VAT registered in those countries. Apologies if you’re already aware however a lot of people get caught out by this.


Thank you, yes I am aware of the obligations upon storage of goods.

These items appear to be stuck and have been for quite some time.
I have uploaded a screen shot of a particular item, this cannot be re-listed via Amazon DE and other ASIN’s that I attempted to change the SKU’s upon to reflect the items in storage have still not picked up the stranded stock. It appears these are reserved under FC processing, is it likely these will be disposed of after 17th November via Automatic removal as previous changes to our settings to try to dispose of these have made no difference and these have still remained in stock whilst also being charged for via storage.
Thank you in advance.

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