Stock not being spread across European Fulfilment Centres


Hi all!

I have yet another Pan-EU question…

As a prefix: We are VAT registered in every country where we can hold stock, and PAN-EU for these specific products are listed as “enrolled”, Build International Listings section has no excluded products, so I don’t fully understand the problem.

We sent all our stock to Italy and received no problem. After checking the Inventory Ledger report for the ASINS, none have left Italy!

We are getting sales in France and Germany, but none of them is next-day shipping.
The lion’s share of sales is in Italy, which makes sense. I opened a case with Seller Support, but they seem perplexed.

Any ideas?
Thank you!


Have you enabled storage in the other countries? I’m not sure if it’s on by default.


Do you mean this setting?


Check you PAN Inventory and make sure you have an active PAN Listing in the countries you require for PAN qualification

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