Stock Overage On Inventory


Amazon have increased our inventory by +3 products. Despite asking for an investigation they are adamant they are ours ! Any advice please?


If you’ve had lost, damaged or non-returned inventory they can give you replacement products instead of reimbursement, and even reverse the reimbursement then give you stock instead.


This happens to us quite often (a couple of times every month). We sometimes get products assigned to us that we stopped selling years ago.


Thanks it’s not lost or damaged … we’ve gained 3 items. Amazon don’t seem to think it’s an issue and have closed the case.


Do you just “ignore” the products in the inventory? What happens if they sell, I presume you get the funds?


We have also had quantities assigned to us that we did not send in.
Yes, when they sell you get the funds, although I haven’t got to the bottom of where they charge for giving you the items - as indicated by BarryM it’s likely in the Reimbursement report.
We often have to recreate a listing since they sometimes no longer exist in our inventory - this is easily done by going to your seller central home page and clicking on “SKUs with stranded inventory”. Best not to let the items just sit in your inventory as you’ll be charged storage fees.


Yes it happens, it just means another seller has lost the inventory, has happened to me before, where i sent in a product of X quanity but amazon said it was X+5, a friend sent the same product in but his inventory went to Y-5.

Some other seller lost that inventory and you gained it, it works both ways, you may lose some in the future as well