Stolen items at warehouse


Has anyone experienced this? I sent 148 beanies to Amazon and uploaded a picking list of the variations. However, when it arrived at the Amazon warehouse, only 105 beanies were checked as received. I know this is incorrect as I double checked the items sent to Amazon after it was imported from abroad. So, I suspect someone is pilfering stock at the warehouse. This is not the first time. I also experience 13 units of facial trimmers which Amazon insisted were all sold but when I reconciled it to the payments, only 24 were actually sold. So, again I suspect someone has been stealing the stock items. I have no faith in Amazon and will give this the highest publicity in the press as the public should be aware that if you sell your items on Amazon you risk having your items stolen.


Having visited an Amazon warehouse I’ve seen the very high security standards they have for their employees and I don’t believe it’s possible that someone has stolen 43 of your beanies. If there really is a cunning thief they would have taken something of higher value and easier to hide somewhere. It can take a couple of weeks to reconcile incoming stock so just be patient.

More likely explanations for missing stock are things like labels that are badly printed or falling off so I would focus your energy on reviewing your own processes. Over the years I’ve had less than 1% of stock not received and I put it down to human error (maybe mine or maybe Amazon’s) and simply move on.


Thanks for your response. I guess you are the lucky few! All I can say is that I have counted and recounted my items when I put it in one box so if anything is amiss it is Amazon’s processes as I labelled my box and taped it across the box and ensured it was secure when I shipped it to them. It has been 4 weeks so I am not hopeful that they will get the stock items correct.


Nobody in an Amazon fulfilment centre is going to pick off 43 Beanies to sell on themselves. It is far more likely (as Kuai_books1 says) that there will be logistics issues, ie labelling, packaging problems. In five years of FBA we have never had a single item go missing and we have sent thousands of items. Inevitably, some items do get damaged in FC’s but Amazon has always been prompt at reimbursing the cost fully and in good time.


Yes this is a major problem with FBA. Generally I lose 1 or 2 products from each shipment due to pilferage. I had a really good run of about 5 shipments with no losses, then it started again at Christmas. Out of a shipment of 22 - 25 it is not unusual for me to lose 2 items when the parcel is unpacked. Over Christmas with dressing gown orders this meant a lost of £25 ish on shipments where this happened.

I have had to stop using FBA as there is nothing you can do. You know you packed them, and you know they “disappeared” upon arrival. You also know that this happens time and time again. But no way of proving it. We did start photographing each layer as we packed but added even more time to the FBA process. I have had to stop using FBA for a second time. And my labelling and bagging is all fine - I take great care and two of us check each FBA shipment together 3 times before sending.

I dread to think of additional losses that occur AFTER the product is checked in. I work and do this part-time so I would not have the time, IT skills, or energy to keep track of it. And then there is the returns to trust Amazon to keep track of!


I don’t for a minute think that these kinds of things are caused due to stealing.
There may be an occasional issue, but nothing like the levels you are suggesting.
An awful lot is due to a couple of factors. Not in any particular order of importance.

  1. The goods not being packed correctly by the sellers.
  2. Labels being put on correctly etc.
  3. Mistakes due to workload and so on when trying to count items.
  4. Errors in the process or receiving goods, whether Human error or machine.

99% of the time when I have had an issue with goods being received at Amazon, I have been either refunded or goods found.
There are regularly errors, but it is a rare occasion where it’s not been resolved.


Intersting other have the same issue.


Doesn’t mean that items are being stolen.