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Hello support,
How can I stop amazon from selling my product in germany and other european countries? I own a UK seller account but I guess must have signed up for the pan european fba.
but amazon makes sells on my product for about 12 euros and remits just 2 euros and In some cases recording losses on my account!
how can I stop this?


Hi, I have almost identical problem. I don’t wan’t to sell in DE because of their law changes strating from 2019, so I’ve tried to close DE market but can’t do so. Then I’ve tried holiday mode for that market - no help, listings are active, seller support do not understand why is that happens, but can’t help.
At the end I found other way, just by closing my listing in DE marketplace. Just going to the invenotry in Germany, then next to the product from the dropdown choose: Close listing, your offer will no longer be available in that market.
But for you If you wish to keep selling there, but to get better profit, you can set in automated pricing lets say 25%+ to your UK price, then you will get better profit from EU sales.


You need to check urgently,you have to be VAT registered in 7 countries for Pan European.


you send your products into UK warehouse right? but you got listings on German market FBA?

you can delete all the listing on German market then it will stop selling there. Holiday mode only apply to FBM

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