Storage capped new seller?


Morning all,

Im trying to find out, why Amazon have capped me to 17.78 cubic feet? my order is 60 cubic feet.

I have a professional account… This is my first listing. Does Amazon cap new sellers?

Thanks for your help.


Storage is being capped for a lot of people at the moment, not just new sellers.

You will need to just send in a smaller amount until you are allocated more.


Hi Jackie, thanks for the reply… How often can I ship to amazon? Sorry for the questions… support have me very confused




Hi you can ship as many times as you like.
We sell around 150 skus on amazon and to keep our storage fees down we send little and often so we watch to items average units sold are half way and send more in which means most days we are sending 3-5 boxes in at present they seem to be taking between 5-14 days to get through and onto stock some centers a little longer unfortunately though.


I suppose the caveat to this is that whilst you can make frequent shipments, you can’t exceed your storage limit or any cap that Amazon impose on the quantity of any particular SKU.


That’s it we just found it cheaper we have unlimited but we use UPS so it’s only a few quid and our boxes get between 26-70 items in on average depending what it is and this way our storage costs usually only come to around 65-80 quid a month on average we’re when we tried sending stuff in bulk before we were around not shy of 200 quid one month and we did not have any were near as many skus then as we do now


As often as you like!

Like Peter I send little and often, you just need to take into account how long it will take to get there/stock become available. You can also set up alerts to let you know when stock is running low


you need to take into account of the “reaching to shelf” time can vary a lot…

for instance: we sent a few boxes on Friday and that got onto shelf on Sunday night!! yes I know… but then have boxes sent in beginning of June that only just got on shelf in mid-July…

so spread the stock.


We are in simplar we have sent some for fba prep usually take longer but they went on in a couple of days yet we have one outstanding tanding no prep from 8th July.
Once things gets back to normal ONE Day it’s not bad lol


there is no prep on our stuff! 1 day over weekend is pretty impressive. On a whole it is not too bad, just the “lost” stock after checked in full is a bit of pain… may be we will discuss how to track them on separate thread.


Ahh yea total mare that the amount of times they are miscounting, we have one outstanding 2 boxes max units fit is 48 one had 48 one 36, they said we sent a extra 48… So whilst they started looking into this extra that’s not there they have lost the 2 boxes I originally sent in by the looks of things I can’t see it inbound and had no new responce now for 5 days.


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