Storage Fee Reports


Hi folks.

Is there a way to see how much a specific line is costing me in storage fees please?



:wave:t3:Try the Monthly Storage Fees report this provides monthly inventory storage fees for each ASIN of your inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres.


Thanks, yeah i have just seen that. I can’t really get my head around it though. As you can see from the attachment, 1 ASIN has about 10 different lines all with varying monthly storage costs? Is that right? And if so, instead of doing the sum QTY x Storage fee (4.26 x 0.93), i would need to do QTY x Monthly Storage Fee Applied (4.26 x 0.12). Is that correct?


I would check your headers and add more field definitions for a clearer result, at the moment you may be looking at a mix of info which may or may not be relevant, hard to tell without being able to see the headers.


I’ve gotten rid of the sizing headers etc… also ASIN headers. All that is left is

Storage Fee
Storage Fee Applied

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