Storage Volume problems


Hi, i have an issue with my standard size storage volume.

I’m at 553 standard size units out of 1000 available units, yet my storage volume is at 74.8 cubic feet out of 68 cubic feet available and i’m unable to send any more stock in.

Has anyone experienced this before? It’s a glitch surely?

I’m awaiting further contact from support, just wondered if this was known problem.



Check your restock limits, they override capacity limits.


hi, restock limits are fine


You can’t restock if you don’t have the room because of a low IPI - you have 6.8 cubic feet too much stock. If you were selling smaller items you’d likely be ok.


To add, the storage limits were recently refreshed based on the IPI score so it’s possible you have less space now than you did before. Watch out for the excess inventory fees.


Hi, yeah i realise this, what i can’t get my head around is the disparity between the units and the volume taken up.

For example, i’m friends with a couple other sellers and their standard size units and volume are:

843 units - 51.15 cubic feet
1338 units - 49 cubic feet

mine is 553 units - 74.8 cubic feet.
We sell very similar products.


Then you should check that Amazon are using the correct dimensions for your products.