Store short URLs - How?


Has anyone in Handmade, who was automatically given a Brand Waiver (without asking) - and I don’t mean Brand Registered with a TM - managed to get a short URL for their store?

I have been going round and round for weeks with general support, Handmade support, Advertising support and each time I get told I can’t have one as I’m not Brand Registered.

Yet I get emails like this, 2 days ago -

And in the new Handmade Hub, it links to a page that says -

So if ANYONE has been successful, could they please let me know how.

Yes, I could register a TM. But would rather not as Amazon themselves have complicated matters and have some of my products branded NB Photography and some Neil Barr (not my doing). So I’d rather not open that can of worms.



I’m not sure anyone has this anymore

However if I go to a new tab and type
amazon/NBPhotography it takes me straight to you


But that’s no use to give out. Currently doing it via a QR code as it’s too long and random to type in.

They introduced short (vanity) urls for stores recently. Handmade maker profiles did use to have them, now it’s random numbers & letters. I’m guessing that’s why the change. So they could free up urls for branded stores.


I have applied through this link in amazon news 28 December 2021

Amazon Handmade: Maker Profile friendly URL extension ending

Handmade sellers concerned with not having a friendly URL may qualify for a [Brand Registry waiver] which offers some of the benefits enjoyed by brand registered sellers.

It takes you to a page where you can apply but I have been waiting for a couple of months. They send updates to say they are dealing with a backlog and will keep me updated. I know this isn’t going to help you in the short term but its probably worth doing as I don’t think they are giving anyone brand waiver without them applying.


I was told to apply through (and got knocked back, again) after previously being told to try your link.

I pointed out, that since I already had a store, I already had a Brand Waiver. That form is for applying for a waiver it seems - the way it’s worded (ambiguous as always Amz).

Every day I get emails telling me what I can do now I’m a ‘brand’.

I already have a store, can create sponsored store campaigns, etc., - only Brand Registered or Waivered AFAIK can do so. I just get knocked back repeatedly because I’m not “properly Brand Registered”.


And I thought they did away with short “maker” profile URLs? Mine’s is now

My brand ‘storefront’ is


Do you have your own domain/webshop? You could just create a short forwarding URL yourself in that case. If not you could get a domain and just forward it to your Amazon shop. Also other options are things like etc to create short url’s


Thanks. Previously ran a web design business for 17 yrs. So know well the different options and have considered most. Just that in the first place, as Amz say in writing that we can have one, it irks me that they then refuse. It’s not a big deal at the moment. I already link to it from my own store and I’m relatively easy to find on Amazon anyway. Plus I have the QR code in with Amazon orders.

And my domains are all with a certain registrar that says they cannot do web forwarding on a sub domain to a URL (e.g. Nor will the platform (for photographers) the site is built on - it also doesn’t have the tools for web forwarding (e.g. Though I could easily build an HTML page to do so, I doubt it would work. They tend to strip out some code to force you to stick to just the basics. And I’d rather not purchase yet another domain if I can.


Ah, I see yes, just trying to think out loud for solutions not involving Amazon or SS here haha

Are your hosting and registrar the same company? No acces to cpanel/plesk or the likes?
Off the top of my head you could use cloudflare for your DNS forwarding instead, we’re quite happy with their free CDN/DNS services.



Webstore is a specific platform for photographers. I don’t need to create listings on it. I just upload the images and it extracts all the meta details. So, much easier to update.

TBH I’d rather not get into messing about with DNS (even though I tried early on). Just another Amz annoyance.