Struggling Here - Any help in listing in DE Much Appreciated


Hello, I have spent the best part of 2 days trying - and failing - to get some of my asin’s onto my Amazon.DE platform.

Much as I admire the power of Amazon for sales, I am hugely frustrated by the ‘circular dance’ I am presently performing. Thus I do not admire, remotely, what I am seeing as an impenetrable fortress of algorithms and technology uselessness.

When I search for my ASIN on the ‘add product page’ the DE platform tells me the ASIN does not appear in the DE catalogue. So I then try to add the sku manually but this method just doesn’t work, ie the product just does not appear.

The strange thing is that one of my sku’s already appears on the DE website, though I didn’t add it. The algorithm did.

Any help appreciated

Confused and Baffled of South West England


Why don’t you use the Build International Listings tool?
It automates the process. At least for ASIN’s that already exist.
For those that don’t, you will have to manually create them with same SKU, so that they link together.

You can find it under Inventory/sell global.


Thanks Neil,

When you say ‘for ASIN’s that already exist’, do you mean ASIN’s that exist on (in this case) the UK marketplace but not the DE one? I.E. that I need to create what is effectively the same sku on the DE platform, using the same ASIN and that it will, once created, link with the UK one?




ASIN’s that exist on both/all EU sites.
But if you run the tool, you will be able to see once it completes as to exactly where you are with missing ASIN’s.

Once you have done that, then create the listing on the DE etc site using the same SKU as the UK site.
You can’t give them an ASIN when creating a listing.