Sudden pricing errors? PLEASE HELP!


Amazon have all off a sudden suspended 3 of our top selling products based on pricing errors. I cannot find a reasonable explanation for this and when contacting support they just throw me a generic email and doesn’t explain a lot.

The fact that these listings have been on for over a year with no issues and we’ve always kept the price as low as possible whilst still being able to make a small profit. Now that Amazon have suspended them and require us to lower our prices, this is absurd! If we lower our prices any more, we lose our profits on the item making it impossible to sell on Amazon.

I cannot find another product exactly the same and products that are similar are 10 times the price. So Amazon seem to have incorrect information if they say our prices are too high. I just don’t understand it and I need an explanation or some kind of work around to get these listing back on.

Any help would be much appreciated.