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Can someone tell me why this is ok -

But this is not? -

When the EXACT same main image is ok on one listing but not on another? I list items by size/if framed/etc. - so have some listings with the same main image. These listings are for A2 unmounted or mounted prints. So unmounted, this is the full image.

I have about 1000 listings done the same way - the main image is the photograph. Never been a problem. Until yesterday. I added 30 more - all went ok for that size/version. I did the same again, for another size/version, but they have suppressed 3 of the latest.

Do they expect me to take a photo of a photo to show what photo the person is buying?? :roll_eyes: And if so, why are all the other listings ok/accepted?

I’ve tried replacing the images many times. I’ve done it through the general Edit and through the suppressed > fix your listing tool. Yet every time, they get rejected.

They’re ok with this for a main image (for a different size print) -

And other listings selling photographic prints are mostly done the same way too.

You can ‘see’ the ones rejected here -

I do not want to contact support, because all I’ll get is an auto reply telling me to look at the image guidelines. Well, the images fit the guidelines.

All I can think of doing is putting a white border and shadow around it, but then why were the others, on the same day all accepted without issue? Or I may just delete them and re-do them.

Every bloomin day you wake up to more Amz nonsense. #venting


Can’t help, but can sympathise.

All my greeting cards have text on them, but the odd time one gets flagged, 100s are fine, but then all of a sudden one will give me bother

I end up having to take a really bad quality photo from a really weird angle, which isn’t beneficial to the customer in any way shape or form, just so the bots realise the text is ON the card and not on the photo.

I have tried in the past adding drop shadows, angling it slighly by a few degrees, adding a border so the product is only about 90% of the image… sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t…

Consistency is something that the bots apparently aren’t trained in


I get the issue with text but this I just don’t understand when other new listings on the same day at the same time were all accepted without issue. And historically too. Have submitted new ones with a small white border. Now the long wait.


Well, they are now showing as active. Albeit without any images showing yet. So can’t say for sure…

But I think a big part of the problem seems to be either the number of staff working at weekends and/or the automated software. I made a simple text change to a listing hours ago and it’s still not live (and I used a dif browser, cleared cache, etc). Normally give it 15-30 mins. Longer for images. Something is running slow.


Now live with the original full size images. So that’s taken from around 9am to about 6pm for the original re-submission to go through and be accepted. They’ll have a lot of other submissions to go through. Then I’ll have to change the ones with the borders back. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been to the vet, paid a bill, submitted it to the insurance company and the money is now in my account, all within half this time and I’m still waiting on a simple text update made hours ago.

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