Supressed Buy boxes


Hi, is anyone else having this issue suppressed buy boxes?? This is across all accounts not just the one?


Are you seeing your listing’s BuyBoxes being removed or are you talking about just the widget in the Seller Central? Because the widget has it’s own algorithm, which considers the following factors:

  1. Total Number of Buy Box views

  2. Detail Page Views

  3. Views on the page where there is no active offer or Buy Box.

If you don’t offer international shipping or your international or Expedited/Premium shipping costs are expensive, these buyers will see no BuyBox and those views are included in the calculations as well, which results in lower BuyBox percentages.

Also, is this affecting all your listings or just SFP offers, for example?


Hi there, thanks for your response.

More specifically, we are a UK-based seller and have been successfully selling on for some years (at least 5, perhaps more).

Earlier this month, all of our active listings (about 3,500) were buy box suppressed and have remained so ever since. By this, I mean that when a buyer lands on the product page, there is no buy box or price displayed to the buyer, the product page says ‘available from these sellers’ which a buyer then needs to click on to see our offer/pricing

We have seen this on individual listings in the past, for example when a price is incorrect, or quality of a listing needs to be improved. However, we have never seen this before at an account-wide level, definitely not on all active listings, including private label product where we are the only seller on the ASIN.

We have been trying to get some answers from seller support, however they keep referring us to the buy box algorithm and why we might not win buy boxes or what determines buy box winners. However, they keep ignoring the fact that all listings are being buy box suppressed, it’s an account-wide issue.

Have emailed seller performance team as well, that was last week, no response on this so far

Our sales have dropped 75% in the last month on - we believe it must be related to this.

In seller central, there is no indication at Manage Inventory level that buy boxes are suppressed on any listings. They are all status = ‘active’.

However, when I run a ‘detailed page sales and traffic report’ from business reports for the period 4th to 24th September, it returns a 0% buy box percentage share for all of our listings (including private label product such as ASIN B079Q4FJDX). So it looks like this update happened on or around 3rd September.

Anyone else had a similar issue, and any tips on how to resolve this with support or seller performance teams? We will continue to contact them daily, but each call / message is responded to in the same way, with response about how the buy box is determined and that support have no control over this. However, we need them to deal with the account-wide issue we are experiencing.


Are any of your Seller Account’s metrics currently exceeding the minimum performance targets?

Because this would lead to the loss of BuyBox.


We have never seen this on an account wide level, but often see this when you fluctuate prices a lot on
if amazon deems the price is too high from originally listed/last sold price it drops it out of the buy box. Are you using a re-pricing tool?

This does affect sales & visibility also the buy box being suppressed de-activates any sponsored campaigns you have running.


@ Kika
Yes, our ODR is currently running above 1% (it’s 1.31% currently). It’s normally below 1%, but we have seen it above 1% before, especially around Christmas time, and we’ve never had an issue like this before.
However, we were only contacted by Amazon about this on 18th September in performance notifications (which we have responded to @ seller performance team, no reply from Amazon yet).
We are actively working to bring this down, but it will be very difficult over next 30-45 days as order levels have dropped so significantly recently, as the metric is calculated on total number of orders over a period of time, which are a lot lower this month than ever before due to the suppression issue.

@ Home_Treats1
Yes, we are using a repricer, and actually last two months our overall GM% has increased a little higher than we generally see each month (but only by a few percentage points, nothing major, and it’s dropped back a little for this month). I didn’t think this would be a particular issue for Amazon, as although price needs to be fair and reasonable for the customer, the higher the sell price then the higher the Amazon fee.
We can switch off the repricer for next few days, manually reprice all product to a lower price than it is currently and see if this un-suppresses the listings? Do you think this might be a solution (even if short term)?


Then this is the sole reason why you lost the BuyBox.

With a 1.31% ODR, you are not eligible to have it.


OK Thanks. Do you think this would result in an account-wide Buy Box suppression for all active listings then, including private label product? Buy Boxes have been suppressed since 4th September, but performance notification was only received on 18th September.

We sent a Plan of Action to Seller Performance team last week, awaiting a response.

Can you suggest anything to improve this metric in the short term? If we have X amount of Order Defects, and Y total amount of orders over last 60 days (with this total order number decreasing each day due to buy box suppression), the ODR % will continue to increase even if we don’t get any more Order Defects as it’s being measured on a daily decreasing number of total orders. The ODR rate will only decrease again perhaps after 45 - 60 days from now, and only if we significantly reduce the number of order defects going forward (something we are actively working on).

Do you have any suggestion for this?


Definitely, it would affect all your FBM listings and possibly FBA as well.



Ive also lost the buy box on a private labelled product. Ive been selling it for about 2 weeks now. First 4 5 days everything was running smoothly, all of a sudden it disappeared and my buy box percentage says 0. I checked my listing the EAN, browser nodes also disappeared, i asked amazon to reinstate them. Dont know whether that makes a difference?
My metrics are all perfect.

Please help as this issue is really affecting my sales.

Thank you


Did you recently make any sudden increases or decreases of the price?

As this can be behind the loss of BuyBox.


Kika no changes in price everything constant


Hi Kika may i ask for your advice?, im also experiencing a dramatic drop in sales, Sept being my busiest month normally, ive read many of the posts about search engines changes and am also looking at other reasons including interestingly the price change you mention. Im not aware of this issue with buy box and i generally run a week on then off £10 price reduction promotion to keep the listing moving. Would a price move or promotion like this at only £10 affect the exposure or buy box (i currently dont have the buy box but am only seller with this exact item)? They are high value items starting at £349.99, my items are currently starting about 11 pages back from the front of a generic search.

My ODR is 0%, we have had a few returns over 3 months spread across 4 listing, only negative i can see is under Voice of the Customer which show ‘Insufficient feedback’ under the section ‘customer experience health’ with 1 return. Not one A to Z in over a year.

Not sure what i can do and dont think its anything to do with my title or listings text as all has been fine up until about a week or so ago. Im loathed to play to much because from past experience editing listing definitely seems to affect sales in negative way.

Ive done my usual monthly ask for feedback on items sold, maybe now i should just be a little patient and see how it goes till end of month.

Is there any way to check each listings health or advertising exposure? Im not on a Pro account just the stardard pay per sale.



Please check this thread for some tips how to improve your listings and ensure they are not getting suppressed from the search:


thanks yes already read that at length, one of my competitors breaks these rules, already further up listings and has a buy box on all his pages. Makes no sense to me and thats why im loathed to change to much atm. Do these text rules apply to ‘product description’ field or just the heading?


Detail Page Rules apply to the entire listing:


thanks, i used your suppression link as it does not show in my seller central, no listing’s suppressed, is it possible that its suppressed but not shown?


I believe this has happened to me. A few listings there is no buybox for anyone!!!


I also getting this as of end of lastweek. ODR is 0.19%


I just entered your ASIN B079Q4FJDX above and you are sole seller WITH the Buy Box

Looks like you do have the buy box on some items then