Suspected Intellectual Property Violations


I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. The brand needs to be changed TO Funko.

All of the ones I have had reinstated have (correctly) had the brand changed to Funko whereas previously they incorrectly showed as Disney, Marvel, Game of Thrones etc

Please don’t request for Funko to be removed!


How can you tell what the brand was before? Once it is removed then the listing disappears.

I opened dozens of cases to ask for the brand to be changed to Funko and I keep getting told that Funko can not be used.

My sales are down and I am spending hours going around in circles with Amazon. It is rubbish.


One of my pops has been reinstated. I still have an open case asking them to change the brand to Funko.

The keep closing the case telling me I need to change the brand to Funko.

I keep reopening asking them to change the brand to Funko!

While this has been going on someone else has managed to get the Pop reinstated by totally removing the brand Funko.

This is my frustration. If Amazon were open and transparent about what needed to be done then all sellers would work together to clean up the whole catalogue.

Instead they leave us guess about how to resolve it and we all work in different ways and the catalogue gets trashed.

I don’t understand why Amazon operate in this way.


I understand the frustration, were all feeling it. But removing the brand is not the correct way to do it.

Now if i were to search ‘‘funko pop’’, these listings wont appear.


They still appear when searching on Funko Pop but it would make far more sense to leave Funko in.

I suspect when Funko realise that their brand is disappearing from Amazon then they will be working hard to get it put back and we could be back to square one.

Having said that I am still totally failing to get Amazon to reinstate any despite following the same process as you and constantly reopening the cases.


On most of the cases I’ve opened, they reply saying something like “thank you for requesting to change the brand from Disney to Funko. We have forwarded this to the relevant department to investigate.”

I can’t see anyway to see the current listed brand though. Changing to Funko is the only thing that makes sense in this situation though, not removing Funko.

It is very frustrating dealing with SS though (as always!) but hopefully they should get resolved after some persistence!


I am not getting that that reply. I usually get…

We removed your ASIN(s) owing to the concerns that your product might not respect the intellectual property rights of others. Your ASIN(s) might be using the trademark “[Funko]” incorrectly.

To reactivate your ASIN(s), you can do one of the following:

• If your listing is an authentic [Funko], update the ASIN’s brand name to “[Funko]”.
• Remove the [Funko] trademark from the ASIN’s detail page (title, product description, and/or bullet points).
• If the ASIN is compatible with [Funko] products, you can update the ASIN detail page to use legally appropriate terms to clarify that the product is compatible with [Funko]. Obtain expert legal advice if you are not sure how to appropriately describe your product’s relationship to [Funko] products.

I then have to write back explaining that I opened the case requesting the brand is changed to Funko.

Most of the cases are still open and they are working on it. Luckily they have told me they understand this is an urgent issue! They have also reminded me I am a most valued seller. So that is nice.


I just raised one case half an hour ago and got the following response:

"This product is not visible as has been removed due the next reasons :

" Brand Protection [ Funko] - We removed your listings because of concerns that your product may not respect the intellectual property rights of others " . You have used name of another brand in the title.

In order to have the ASIN re-instated, you will need to update the Bullet /Description/keyword and other product information using Compatible/replacement terms as per Amazon listing Policy. Also, you will need to remove extra details from the title and move it to the product description.
Reference:“Compatible/Replacement for” + [Brand] , if applicable.

If you believe that you are using ‘’ Funko’’ word in title or in any of product information I can assist you with the appeal of this block and the reinstatement request. We will request you to provide us documentation that proofs this product is authentic and part of this brand as is stated on the Product Detail Page.

  • pictures of the product where the barcode can be confirmed
  • invoices of purchase of this product to the manufacturer / brand owner or authorized reseller - PDF

[ this can not be edited must have date for the last 90 days and should have a visible contact name, phone and email address as Amazon can decide to contact them to confirm this ]

For questions about recall and reinstatement processes, you can also contact Product Compliance at "

Despite this load of nonsense, the listing has actually been reinstated already. Just goes to show how clueless these guys are, but at least I got the right outcome this time!


So has everyone just given up at this point ?


I have had some reinstated but I am still working on some.

It is such hard work dealing with seller support.


ok solved!

some of the funko pops
manufacturer = Funko
brand = Pop! Vinyl

which is correct really,
but the amazon bot want Funko for both.
for proof on one of our oos lines - I showed seller support the Col Sanders funko pop page
(currently one of Amazon retail’s bestsellers) - and I asked them to update the brand and manufacturer field to “Funko”

I think if we just edit the existing asin - it doesn’t take our edit as the listing is suspended and perhaps it deems we don’t have authority.

my favourite suspension so far was the Minecraft video game,
their suggestion was to remove the word Minecraft from the title, which erm, would have left a blank title!


Think that is what I said (or intended to) in Post #14


sorry yes,

I guess the point I am trying to make is that the suspected ip page, is trying to be a self-fix page.
which is all very well - but no use if they just ignore our edits.


Personally I do not think there is anything “self fix” about this issue.
There is simply a bot which is not really fit for purpose identifying mis-matches (or what it thinks is a mismatch), blocking the ASIN, advising the sellers and leaving a SS, who do not have a clue, to deal with the aftermath.

So we then have a number of sellers all wanting the ASIN reactivated and requesting different changes, all of which do not match each other or what the bot wants.

The only route to success is to keep asking SS exactly what Amazon want for the various fields in the listing. Eventually sellers may get the assistance of someone capable of providing the answer.

The Main fields which must match are Manufacturer, Brand & Title. The bot has objected to details in the Description and Details fields as well.
The Brand is usually fairly obvious, but it appears that the bot often wants the Manufacturer to be exactly the same as Brand, when obviously it is often not the case. e.g. Proctor & Gamble manufacture many cosmetics & creams etc for the major Brand names, but Amazon will not allow that in the Manufacturer field even though the product clearly states P&G are the manufacturer on the bottle/tube.

As I said, the bot should be wiped as it is not fit for purpose.


That sounds like toilet humour to me :laughing:


the problem we have on the video games,

is that the publisher is not the owner of the ip (as it is licensed)
for example
Warner Bros publish “Lego - Lord of The Rings (XBOX One)”
and we got flagged on the misuse of lego.
another listing was flagged for misuse of the XBOX logo (not the name in title - but the physical xbox logo - which is part of the box artwork)


Have you found a fix as I’m pulling my hair out


Did u find a fix please


There is no one fix - It is a complete cluster ***** by Amazon. You just have to fight your way through the rubbish they send you till they accidentally give you the correct suggestion.


Most of them seem to have been reinstated now. I think the best approach was removing the word Funko from the title but changing the brand and manufacturer to Funko.

I then have to open a case which takes quite a few days to answer.