Suspended 5 days ago...Info Verified This morning....Still Suspended


My account was suspended 5 days ago pending verification of my business information.

Thankfully I received a welcome email at 8am this morning informing me that my information was successfully verified. But my account status is still red marked “Suspended”.

Does anyone know if the account status takes some time to come back to normal after being verified?

Any information would be gratefully appreciated!


Unfortunately, what you are experiencing appears to be a very common issue as many sellers are reporting on the forum every day having their Seller Account still in a suspended status following a successful appeal or verification.

I would advise you to e-mail the Seller Performance at requesting them to activate your account and include a screenshot of the notice which you received, advising you that the account was successfully verified.


I’m back in business approx. 4 hours after being verified. Thank you Kika!


You are welcome, that’s nice to hear :))