Suspended account, no contact from amazon


Hi Wondering if anyone can help me,

I have an account which I have had since 2016 and used on and off. In May I started up with FBA again and was using the account for around a month. I updated my charge card details which triggered a re- verification of the account. I received the below on the 27th May.

"Your seller account is under review. During our review, you will not be able to sell on
To sell on, we need to verify your identity, business information, or both.
You can confirm that you would like to begin the verification process in one of the following ways.
– Click the “Appeal” button next to this e-mail on the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central (…)
– Email

I spoke with seller support the next day for further detail and after discussion contacted seller performance. I have emailed them multiple times since then but have had 0 response. I emailed seller-verification team with the same 0 response. Any time that I do get a response I get the same copy of the email above.
This week I changed my details so that my ID could be verified by my driving licence instead of my passport. I then received a message that my account would be verified within 24 hours. The account appears to have been verified but is still suspended. I opened a case on seller central which said that action was required by Amazon but now this automatically changes to answered even though they have not responded. If I reopen this case it now automatically switches to answered within minutes.

I’m really running thin on ideas to get this resolved. Anybody had success in a similiar situation or have any ideas on how to get Amazon to respond.

Sorry for the long message, Thanks in Advance


Unfortunately, you are not the only one, it appears like multiple sellers are having the same issue, here I already provided advice regarding the matter to another seller:


Thanks Kika,

I see some people having success by emailing the managing director or Jeff Bezos. That might be my next resort. Its getting annoying because my IPI has fallen and now im getting charged storage fees but there is very little I can do about that.

Thanks again


You are right, e-mailing the executive departments is always an option how to escalate things, however keep in mind that they should be only used as the last resort.

Normally, each suspension notice includes a link for the Account Health Support Team which you can use to get in touch with the department that handles suspensions and request them to review your case as soon as possible. It always worked for me.


I have a similar case, i sent my passport, as well as an electricity bill. replied to all the requiered field and got the very same answer … 3 days already. How Jeff can be contacted?


Three days isn’t that long. I would advise you to allow some time for Amazon to review your submissions.


That is the same exact email I received when I opened my selling account. Uploaded everything and been waiting for 17 days now. Amazon also charged me £30 for professional account for a month which I have now downgraded. Amazon are also refusing to discuss about refunding it until my suspension is lifted and they won’t lift it until my account is verified. I already emailed MD email who replied saying they are investigating my query and will get back to me soon. Absolute joke this process.


yeah its not really good, i’ve had to pay for different things over the months since being suspended and running low on cash now have about £700 worth of stock lying idle. Going on 12 weeks now but I really cant get any answers. The worst is the inventory performance index it has fallen so low now will be hard to recover.