Suspended Account - No support from Amazon 4 weeks



Unfortunately I have had my account suspended for few items having an intellectual property rights infringement. This occurred approximately 4 weeks ago, and I have not been able to talk to anyone at Amazon covering the issue.

I was one of about five 3rd party sellers selling a multinational brands product range. I received a warning stating a complaint had been made. Which is frustrating, but I knew nothing could be done and I saw Amazon had made the listing inactive. (I thought the issue had been dealt with, I even asked a chat operative and they confirmed)

A week or two later I got a outright suspension. So I submitted a very detailed plan of action, but keep getting a response saying ‘Greater detail is required’ despite my plan being very in-depth and almost 1 full A4 page.

Every time I send a message to Amazon, it takes them 4-5 days to reply, and it is just a generic email either asking for more detail. How can I actually talk to someone at Amazon?

The last week I have decided to get in touch with the rights holder who supposedly works a large company, however after calling the UK and US head offices for the business they can not find her and have no information on her. Possibly suggesting this could be a competitor?

I really need to explain the situation on the phone to someone at Amazon, but having no luck at all.


Are you misinterpreting “Greater” as “Much more”
when what they mean is improve what you have written so far, not just add more and more…


Post the original suspension notice from Amazon here, as well as what responses/POA’s you have sent, only then can anyone help you


I’m sorry - I had to :wink:



Your Amazon selling account has been deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why did this happen?
We arrived at this decision because we were unable to verify information related to your seller account, or did not receive any new information regarding your listings or selling history.

We’re here to help.
If you need help better understanding what is causing this, please search for “Intellectual Property Violations” in Seller Central Help (

How do I reactivate my account?
To reactivate your selling account, please send us the following:

A plan of action that explains:
– The root cause(s).
– The actions you have taken to resolve the notices of infringement or violation of Amazon’s policies.
– The steps you have taken to prevent infringement or violating Amazon’s policies.

For security reasons, we only accept attachments in the following file formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .pjpeg, .gif, .png, .tiff. These documents must be authentic and unaltered.

How do I send the required information?
Submit this information at

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information, your account will remain deactivated and funds in your account may be held for 90 days or longer. Depending on your account status and activities, you may be required to complete an additional review before funds can be released. Amazon may withhold payments if we determine that your account was used to sell inauthentic or prohibited goods, commit fraud, or engage in other illegal or abusive activity.



Proof of Authenticity:

  • Please find attached proof of product authenticity and invoice from local shop & Costco. (retail arbitrage)

  • Products are authentic items as receipt show, and my feedback reflects that products sold are genuine

Root Caused:

  • Received a complaint from manufacture that items are not to be sold in EEA, therefore our items were made inactive.

  • Received a complaint from manufacture that items infringe intellectual property - No permission to sell items on Amazon

  • Right Owners decided to launch UK line. Therefore our listings were competition

Resolve Trademark Parallel Import issues:

  • I now only purchase from manufactures directly and/or have written permission to sell in the EEA.
  • I have instructed staff that all new products have to go through myself (owner) to ensure they comply and we have the necessary permission from the manufacturer.
  • I have contacted the rights owner, to apologise and ask if there is any opportunity to continue selling in the future. (Still waiting on a reply)

Steps taken to prevent infringement going forward:

  • I have removed all infringing listings. I will not resist unless permission from Amazon/rights owner
  • I have contacted rights owner to let them know who we purchase from and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Reviewed my other listings and removed all similar listings.
  • I have contacted my existing suppliers asking them to provide written permission to sell on Amazon UK

Why the error occurred:

  • Manufacture has decided to start selling in the UK themselves, therefore want to remove 3rd party sellers

  • Many other Amazon sellers were selling the products

  • We were not informed by the manufacture of any infringement. Had they contacted us we would have happily removed listings without any issue

  • I contacted the rights owner via email to ask if they could retract the infringement, however we have not had a response.

Steps taken to prevent infringement going forward:

  • Before listing on Amazon I will check the product does not infringe any intellectual property, trademark, copyright or patent
  • I will always be asking my suppliers/manufactures for written permission to sell on Amazon UK
  • I will regally re-read Amazon guidelines to refresh myself


Please find attached proof of product authenticity and invoice from local shop & Costco. (retail arbitrag

This is the first problem - these receipts will not be accepted by Amazon as they are not proper invoices.

Secondly - you do not have permission to re-sell these items from the manufacturer and doesn’t ;lool like they will retract.

Your only option is to completely delete ALL your inventory - write a good Plan of Action (after doing so), apologise and hope Amazon re-open yor account.


Greater detail on the root cause(s) of the infringement.
– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve infringement issues.
– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent infringement going forward.
– Greater detail on why you believe an error has occurred.


But receipts are the only invoices I have as the stock is purchased from Costco and other retail shops.

No permission to resell. However there was approx five other 3rd party sellers selling the same product, and none of their account have been deactivated.

Surely I do not need to delete other listings I am selling? I am the UK distributor for a few other major brands.


This is irrelevant. You do not know if the other sellers have provided the necessary invoice evidence to be able to sell the items and have permission to do so. You clearly do not have permission to do so and until you do have permission from the manufacturer / rights owner, the situation will not change. Shrewsbury_Marine_S1 has detailed exactly what you should do.


I think the only option I have is getting in touch with the rights holder. However I have called the UK and US Head office of the company and they have no record of her or any contact information. They have been looking for over a week now.

This leads me to suggest that she may actually be a competitor? I have tried telling Amazon this, but I still have not had a single response from customer support for 3/4 weeks.


Amazon will only respond by asking again for the info they have requested. Whether you are correct or not is not relevant to Amazon and you cannot prove it anyway.

Also you obviously don’t have legitimate invoices you can provide and you cannot obtain a retraction.

I would also re-consider your buying model - retail arbitrage only works on Amazon so long as they dont ask you to prove authenticity, and you seem to buying other products this way!



Hi EJS4,

As suggested by @ Shrewsbury_Marine_S1 , please check at your end if you are authorized by the manufacturer or the brand owner to deal in the products that are the cause of Intellectual Property Right complaints on the account. If yes, then you would require to submit Proof of authenticity (e.g., invoice, Order ID, letter of authorization, licensing agreement or court order) for infringing listings.

For Plan of action, review the notification received from Seller Performance team informing about the type of infringement the account is being held accountable for. Once the infringement type is identified, review the ASINs highlighted to understand what lead to the issue on the account.

After this, prepare a Plan of action with the steps you are going to take to resolve the infringement complaints on the account and also future preventive steps that will ensure the issues are not repeated in future and the selling account is in compliance with Amazon ‘s policies.

A holistic review of the account is recommended along with entire listings being checked to spot any potential Intellectual Property Right complaints on the account.

Follow this with submission of Plan of action via seller central by browsing through Account Health tab in the below format:

–The root cause(s) of the issue.

– The actions you have taken to resolve this issue.

– The steps you have taken to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

For Intellectual Property Right Policy details please visit:

Best Wishes,



I have submitted another plan of action with the feedback. Thank you.

However my main concern is the individual who put the intellectual property claim in. I have contacted the companies Head office both in the UK and the USA and they do not have any record of her as an employee. I fear it may be a competitor who has fooled Amazon into being the rights holder to get my account shut down.

I have explained this to Amazon, and no response.


therein lies the problem, when will people realise this business model is not acceptable to Amazon


Retail Arbitrage is never acceptable. You need to buy your stock from authorised distributors or directly from the manufacturer. Amazon will NEVER accept receipts from shops as proof that the items are legitimate… What if someone bought the real items and returned incredibly convincing chinese fakes?

I realise that is completely outlandish and the likelihood of it being the case is pretty much zero- but that’s just how seriously Amazon take authenticity.

You need invoices from a proper supplier showing the purchase of at least 10 units. It has to include your business name and registered premises.

Also, you need to be able to get a hold of the manufacturers Declaration of Conformity. Tesco, Costco, Asda, Argos and so on will never provide you these.

I would say you need to re-adjust your POA to state you were in the wrong for sending them goods which you cannot prove authenticity- remember, no matter what youtube and instagram guru’s say… Retail Arbitrage is not a model that works in practice on Amazon- because it is against very strict policies that they enforce. Keep that stock for Ebay! Save yourself the headache.

Personally, I think Amazon should do a little more to really get that point across to people before they start. Thinking they can buy out shops and sell on for a profit, works until they ask for invoices and DOC’s , then it really doesn’t!


You have provided bullet points however no elaboration on each bullet point - thats what they want

Its like an essay - your bullet points should be treated as headers for the elaborated paragraph you will then write - thats what Amazon means by greater detail


It is one of the only product I do retail arbitrage for. I am the UK distributor for other brands, so I know we are ok for the rest of my listings.

I will try doing a more detailed essay style.

  • As I only have the receipts I do not have much option, I can not provide official invoices on the POA

The most frustrating part is Amazon’s customer service. I was always told I would get an email or phone number prior to my account being suspended to ensure nothing can be rectified immediately, but I had nothing. And my account has been down for 3-4 weeks and I have not had any form of contact from Amazon.

  • Why could they not tell me that receipts are not sufficient in their replies
  • Why could they not inform me that receipts are not accepted


Finding Neverland :slight_smile:


Make sure that you have fully identified the "Root cause[s] and that your subsequent bullet points directly respond to the issues identified, do not add “Greater Detail” that does not pertain to the issues you identified as your root causes.