Suspended Account - No support from Amazon 4 weeks


Sorry but in my opinion that POA is too weak.
You have said that the root cause of the issue was

All this is merely telling Amazon what they already know.
What Amazon want to see is that you have identified, and understand the “why” behind what you did.
Why didn’t you know about parallel imports, and the EEA? Why didn’t you know to obtain permission from the Rights Owner first?

Your middle section, actions taken, is too short and contains very little to convince Amazon that you have dealt effectively with the problems raised, and taken immediate steps to rectify this.
Make each item a bullet point and add some meat.

What about other brands/ How do you know this is the only brand in your Inventory that is affected?

So that means you HAVE purchased more stock then…
So name your manufacturer and show your letters of authority to resell within the EEA and on Amazon.
Amazon need something concrete here to show that you have learned about the whole process and implemented new procedures in your business.
There is nothing much here to convince them of that.

I’m afraid that your word isn’t enough.
You need to provide the evidence of your compliance to Amazon by way of letters of authorization, invoices, permission to sell in the EEA.

Which ones? Name and link them…

Interesting but not going to help you here.
Be specific about what you reviewed and how.

Sorry but I think you need to start over and produce a plan which includes more specifics of what you have learned and done.


we are experiencing account suspension as well, its been more than 2 months now and no support from amazon. i keep trying to reach them but they do not answer any of the e-mails.



Yes mine is still suspended, and they have not released funds in the account. Its terrible support, especially when I believe my account has been deactivated in error.


Account is still suspended and funds not released. I am curious as there were 3 other sellers selling the same product that have had there items taken down, but are still an active seller?

Also can Amazon legally withhold my account funds, even as most of the funds are from sales that I am a UK distributor for?

If anyone has any copies of the ‘Plan of Action’ it would be great appreciated if I could read it.