Suspended, deactivated after 1 wrong sale HELP!


im having a problem with my account its deactivated in the uk, where i live since january, i have submitted a claim updated my policies and opened cases, all cases are marked as answered but they have no answer and i have not heard back from a person only automatic replies, i am going to close my account and report to amazon. ##can anyone advise me on what to do
current dashboard statistics


Sorry , not enough information…
Where were you resident before, what nationality are you, is your country one that is accepted by Amazon for an account. Passport or National ID card accepted?
Did you manage to prove that you actually live in the UK? Utility bill etc…
Were you asked to provide a UTR number.
Please post the notice of suspension you were sent, I fail to see a connection with one “wrong” sale from your screenshot.


not sure my message said it needed to be approved, i received a message saying my account health was in danger on the 15th of december, then just as new year hit, deactivated and suspended, i have filled in the case details, solutions evidence and nothing back from anyone

Order Defect RateFulfilled by: SellerFulfilled by: AmazonFulfilled by: Seller

Time Window: 60 days : 06-Dec-2019 - 03-Feb-2020

Target : under 1%


Orders with a defect: 0

Total orders: 15

Defect Type Percentage of Orders with a Defect Count of Orders with a Defect
Negative Feedback 0% (0)
A-to-z Guarantee claims 0% (0)
Chargeback claims 0% (0)

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. It is all orders with a defect (defined below) as a percentage of total orders during a given 60-day time period.

An order has a defect if it results in negative feedback, an A-to-z Guarantee claim that is not denied or a credit card chargeback.

Our policy is that sellers maintain an ODR under 1% in order to sell on Amazon. An ODR above 1% may result in account deactivation.

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i was born here in Britain, i have been fully verified utr number driving licence etc, i meant suspended since January


Please post the communication from Amazon explaining why they suspended your account.


that’s the problem i didn’t get one i logged on and it said

Selling privileges temporarily removed

We can only answer questions about your suspended account status.


never received a reply to my messages sent just please give us more detail
ive updated my system and my invebtory lists, my postal system just incase and i wanted to any way but no reply from amazon just still suspended, and deactivated


OK, hopefully one of the account health team will be able to look into your account and advise @Harleen_Amazon @Preet_Amazon


i hope they will have a look, i would love to be reinstated
i just cannot find what to do or improve to get back online


Hello Ruby-Redsky,

As per the information provided I understand that you want some advice on activating your account though there is no issue showing in your Account health dashboard.

As per the recent reply you had issue with your order defect rate because of which your account is under review but your Amazon health got refreshed hence you are not able to find any complaints available in the dashboard but you need to appeal for the complaints you had at the time of enforcement.

An order has a defect if it results in negative feedback, an A-to-z Guarantee claim that is not denied, or a credit card charge-back.

To review the defects kindly follow the below process:

For Feedback, follow the below path:

Seller central home page --> performance tab --> Feedback --> there you can check on which feedback you have received 1 or 2 rating.

For A - Z guarantee claims, follow the below path:

Seller central home page --> performance tab --> A - Z guarantee claims --> Click on "All" and see all the claims.

For Charge-back Claims, follow the below path:

Seller central home page --> performance tab --> Charge-back Claims --> Click on "All" and see all the claims.

Here are some points which will help you to write an effective Plan of Action:

Root cause:

Why do you think you are receiving these complaints? What is the discussion which you are having with the buyer when they have complained the same against you?

Corrective Measure:

How did you help the buyer when they complained against you to resolve their issue? What have you done with the complaints?

Preventive Measure:

What proactive steps will you take to ensure that you will not get more complaints from the buyer?

How will you improve your packaging to prevent damage during shipping? What steps will you take to ensure products are in working order prior to being shipped? What proactive steps will you take to monitor your delivery partners to ensure they are delivering your shipments on time and what steps will you take if they are not?

Provide an appeal with the above mentioned details, so that the team can review and help you with the account activation.

Good Luck,