Suspended from SFP for on time shipment rate


So we have had a notice to say we are suspended from offering SFP due to missing the on time shipment rate. As those who are on SFP will know the rate is 99%, so imagine my surprise when I receive an email to say that our on time rate was 98.96% in July which is what has led to the suspension. That’s right I have been suspended over 0.04% which is just a fraction of one package.

However, we have never shipped any packages late and its the usual scanned a day late by Royal Mail nonsense. Where it does get annoying is that when I run a report for July it shows that our on time rate is 99.8% so now I have to do one of those grovelling I’m so sorry I’m a bad seller appeals when our rate isn’t even showing as below the threshold.


Been here, worn the exact same t-shirt. I’ve never once shipped an order late, not once. RM Carlisle have scanned some late as in after midnight mind and Amazon think that is my fault regardless of the fact the order still arrives with the buyer on time lol.