Suspended on Amazon For Invalid Credit Card



How about the progress?

I have encountered the same issues as you. I mistakenly changed my credit card info and have then everything corrected back to original ones.

I appealed and then asked for action plans. I opened a case with my action plan, while no response yet.



There are now hundreds of posts all over Amazon-related Facebook groups with reports of Amazon suspending sellers after updating their charge method on file. So you are not the only one.

I would advise you to contact Amazon to see if they will be able to advise you what to do:


Hi Kika,

Yeah, I used your link above and got a call from Amazon.

They told me Seller Performance team has been evaluating and ask me to wait.

Only wait, that’s terrible.


So I submitted my plan of action, and got the same ‘we will contact your to verify your identity in 24 hours’ email within an hour. That was 36 hours ago - still nothing, and nothing on my account.

I also got an email from someone in Doug Gurr’s team saying they are still reviewing my account. So I will have to continue waiting. Thankfully Amazon isn’t my sole income, otherwise right now I would be even more depressed than I already am!

Others who are in a similar situation - please keep me posted on any progress you may make, it would be nice to know I’m not alone here.


Going through the same after being told we had an invalid credit card. To be fair to Amazon we had lost our credit card and were waiting on a replacement, completely forgot about it being used on our seller account. Updated the details and got the suspension email.

Completely gutted. We have a healthy account and have had no previous issues.

Sent a POA but not heard back from them. It’s been over two weeks now. But still living in hope.

If you’ve any advice I’d be interested to hear anything right now…

Good luck!



I have submitted my plan of action as well, 3 days passed, no feedback yet. Really frustrating.

I have contacted seller verification team. They told me now I have to wait review of seller performance team, to whom I submitted my action plan.

Then it will come to them, after their review, my account could be brought back.

Prime day is coming and I have a plan for that. Now we have to wait and not sure how long it goes.


Sounds like we’re in the same boat.
I’d sent my POA along with other details (utility bills, statements, ID, invoices) last week but with no response yet.
From what I’m seeing there’s a lot of people with the same problem at the moment. I’m not sure if this is normal in terms of the amount or if it’s higher than usual?
Either way this is beyond frustrating as I’m sure it is for you as well. I feel like we haven’t done anything wrong other than to update some details.
Let us know if you hear anything and how you get on…
Good luck!


This is not normal. Amazon wouldn’t suspend sellers after updating their credit card on file.

The wave of suspensions started last week and from what I can see, sellers don’t know how to get their accounts reactivated.


We’ve just been reinstated after sending a detailed appeal letter two weeks ago - which is beyond a relief!

It seems strange that it’s happening so much.

I hope everyone else gets back selling…

Thanks for responding Kika!


Could you post your appeal here to help other sellers?


That’s good news, please could you let us know what you did? Did you get the same email that I did initially?


Congratulations, really good news.

I have just got an email from seller performance saying that my account still being reviewed.

Hopefully it would not take too long.


Did you submit a POA and any docs? I got that email last week. I’m going to email all my docs (personal and business) this week - just waiting for my new drivers license so that EVERYTHING matches.


Hi Kika,
I worked with a 3rd party to help make sure I got the wording right and responded in the best way possible. They’re called Appeal Guru and are based in the UK. I’ve no affiliation with them in anyway, but what I can say is they helped put my mind at ease and talked me through the process, which was completely alien to me after just changing our credit card details.
Thanks for your help and for responding!


I did get the same email - at which point we completely panicked.
I’ll be honest and say I had to get assistance on this as I hadn’t realised the severity of what was happening until I received that final email. I spoke with someone at Appeal Guru to help me through the process. I have no affiliation with them in anyway other than to contact them for help. I can definitely recommend them.
My biggest concern after my initial appeal was that I was going to make things worse and had to get help.
Feel free to contact me directly and I’ll help in anyway. I don’t think we can put email addresses on here, but you can find me through our website. More than happy to have a chat. It’s been a horrible couple of weeks, so I completely understand your pain.


I’ve never been so happy to receive an email!
It seems there’s a high amount of these suspensions so it seems to take a bit of time.
Hopefully it wont be too long for you - but if I can help in anyway please let me know or feel free to contact me. Happy to go through the steps we took.
Good luck with it all…


That’s exactly what we did, we gave them everything we thought they needed along with the POA.


The purpose of the forum is to help other sellers, for free.

As you can see, lots of sellers here were recently suspended after updating their charge method on file or for having an invalid credit card, you are claiming that you were reinstated with the help of a paid reinstatement company which you named, but won’t post here the appeal and are advising sellers to contact you.

And these are your first and only posts on the forum…


Hi everyone,

So just to post an update, I finally got my account back. What I did:

  1. Completed the POA, saying how I had now updated my credit card to a valid one, and that I would call my bank to ensure they were aware I was dealing with Amazon. To be honest, I think the whole thing was a glitch on Amazon’s part, because I spoke with my bank and they said Amazon had successfully made an authorisation charge, but the one thing you don’t do when appealling is blame somebody else!

  2. I emailed Jeff / Managing Director after a week of not hearing anything with my identification and proof of address. Two days later I was reinstated

Basically, if you’re given the opportunity to fill out the POA, just do it.



I’m still out after 5 weeks,

Will send in some verifying documents to them in the hope they reinstate me. Not sure whether to email the Bezos address as heard you don’t get many chances with that