Suspension due to Amazon thinks you may sell unauthentic items


Hello We have received your request for payment. However, we cannot complete this request at this time. Why is this happening? Your account has been linked to the listing or sale of inauthentic, infringing, unsafe, or deceptive items. The sale of these products is prohibited and your funds may be withheld if it is determined that your account has been used to sell such items. During the previous 90-day period, you have failed to successfully appeal for reinstatement. However, you may be able to recover funds in your account if you can demonstrate that your listings were not prohibited. How do I demonstrate authenticity? Your appeal should address all of the inauthentic listings and policy violations associated with your account. Details about all of your specific inauthentic listings and policy violations can be found in your email or by viewing the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central: There is no required format for your appeal. Please submit information or documents such as: – Explanation of the circumstances regarding your account violations. – Invoices and receipts. – Supplier information such as name, phone number, address, website, and so on. – Buyer information such as name, phone number, address, website, and so on. – Item descriptions. For ease of our review, you may highlight or circle the ASIN(s) under review. – Item quantities. – Import or export documents. – Brand authorization letters. – Name of your business’s registered agent. – Name of the party who registered the account. – Name(s) of the party operating the account. – Physical address(s) where you operated the selling account and dates at that location(s). You may remove pricing information, but the rest of the document must be visible. You should only send .pdf, .jpg, or .gif files. These documents must be authentic. How do I send the required information? Submit this information to Within 7 days after we receive your appeal, we will review it and respond with a final decision. What happens if I do not send the requested information? If we do not receive the requested information or if your appeal for funds is not successful, some or all of your funds will be withheld. If you do not wish to submit any additional information, please let us know and we will complete our review and provide you with a final response.


So Amazon have explained what you need to do, and to provide to them, and have even said that there is no required format for you to use to present your appeal.
Can you provide what they ask for?
If so then they will consider it and may still release your funds.
If you cannot provide the required info then your last recourse would be to take this to the courts.
But even there you would need to demonstrate that your goods are authentic, although perhaps the burden of proof might be lower than the threshold Amazon have set…


thank you for your reply, you have already helped me in poa preparation, i sent it already, but seller performance are not responding to any email. last time you told me if they do not accept any of my invoices because it was from cash & carrys and local wholesaler, so send poa with out any invoice, so i already sent it in december, but they did not reply.


OK, so you have the wholesale receipts to prove where you purchased these goods so now supply these along with an explanation of why you have only got these and not full invoices.
Amazon appear to be trying to work with you so hopefully they will release your funds on sight off the receipts.


thank you, yes i have receipts, i will send them. thanks



As Adrian suggested please provide them with the required as requested.

As the team is saying that they would take final decision on it, take enough time but provide all the documents at a time so that they can help you with the account.