Suspension on Plan of Action


Hi there,

Today I received an email from Amazon.FR explaining that my account has been deactivated.
It seems to be related to distribution rights on the brand “Kiehl’s”

Amazon previously alerted you of these issues through the warnings listed below:

Notice one:5496578632 – Date: 22/09/2019 – ASIN:B008KMZ8FC – Name of Rights Owner: – Infringement Type: Exclusive distribution

Notice two:5460564132 – Date: 08/09/2019 – ASIN: B000O6050U – Name of Rights Owner: – Infringement Type: Exclusive distribution

I replied to both of these at the time with a plan of action and invoices (September last year). Since then I have kept listings of the brand off the .FR marketplace - though one ASIN was briefly listed through EFN automation, which I wonder could have been the issue?

I was also wondering if my invoice format could have been the issue? the email doesn’t state this, but the invoices I sent were my order confirmation emails downloaded into .PDF format.

All items are from authorized UK supplies and I also have physical invoices if necessary.

I was wondering if my plan of action is specific enough or whether this is just an invoice issue?

"Root Cause"

The root cause of the issue is distribution rights. We had previously sold the brand in the UK without any issue, but received a policy warning from for the following asins:

B008KMZ8FC and B000O6050U

by the rights owner

We were originally selling this brand in the UK as the items were not listed as restricted. These listings were then automatically added to due to the European Fulfillment Network. We received a notification about distribution rights. We then deleted our listings in order to comply.

The actions you have taken to resolve the issue?

We have closed and deleted the listings for these products and other products from the brand.
We have attached invoices for proof of authenticity for the relevant products.
We only buy from authorized sellers of products to ensure quality and authenticity.
We avoid any unknown suppliers when it comes to any of our products and always research any suppliers to ensure they are authorized sellers of a product. We also ensure all our supplies are UK or EU based with the correct distribution rights.

The steps that you have taken to prevent the issue going forward

We will no longer be selling these products or any other products by this brand.
We will complete daily account health checks to keep on top of any issues should they arise.
We will complete regular inventory reviews to ensure compliance.
We will continue to research suppliers to ensure quality and authorization before purchasing
We will ensure our EFN listings are also compliant and always remove any with brand exclusivity issues.
We will also regularly re-read Amazon guidelines to ensure we are up to date.
We will always ensure our products have the relevant invoices to ensure authenticity

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks - Rob


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Hello @ seddscotrading1,

The plan of action which you had posted needs some changes so that it is strong enough to make your account reactivated.

I see that you followed the three parts of the plan of action and segregated it in a proper and detailed way which is appreciated, but as addressed needs some steps to be added as well which is stated below:-

The root cause which you have mentioned needs to be elaborated i.e mention what kind of error occurred or what kind of software glitch it was which automatically added the products in the FR marketplace.

Coming to the corrective measures- Its stated that the listings are deleted and yet the same time, there is a point mentioned that you will provide the invoices.

If you have invoices then only provide the invoices with the explanation regarding the same
Remove the listings and send the plan of action only.

Regarding the preventive measure, Kindly highlight what kind of processes or methods you will put in place to avoid such instances in the future.

Kindly use the view appeal option and submit the revised plan of action by adding steps as discussed .

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for the advice!