Switcharoo and negative review


I have a refund marked as a switcharoo by amazon in the refund report.
This customer also left a negative review.
Amazon wont remove the negative review. Clearly it was done to help them try and get their money back.
Why wont amazon remove the negative review?

Get the same generic email back. Customer support said they cant help me.

This makes no sense.


What’s a switcharoo?


Loads of topics on here why Amazon wont remove feedback unless it meets the correct criteria. Most of us don’t think it’s fair but those are the rules.

@Blue_Eyed_Boy … Switcharoo is receiving something that isn’t quite what you ordered. A different variant, for example. It’s not a common term, not close :stuck_out_tongue:


Rules are Rules! Just crazy to me that they identify the person as not being honest but wont remove the negative review.