Switching to European Fulfillment Network FBA, need advice about returns


Hi, I’m based in the UK and have been using Pan-European FBA but have decided to switch to European Fulfillment Network FBA as I can’t be doing with the hassle of VAT in so many countries. I believe that means I have to request the removal of all items held in European countries outside the UK and then I can send them back to Amazon UK for them to fulfil them to UK and the other European countries that I list my items in. However I’m not sure what happens to any items returned by European countries (other than UK). So if someone buys an item from my listing on Amazon.Italy it gets fulfilled from my stock at Amazon.UK, but if the item is returned is it returned to Amazon Italy or UK? If the item was returned to Amazon Italy doesn’t that put me back in the situation where I’m liable for VAT in Italy as I’m storing stock there? Or do I have to immediately request the removal of any items returned to non-UK Amazon warehouses?


As you have been using PAN EU, you are already liable for VAT and need to be registered in the following countries.
UK, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain.


I am in the process of de-registering for VAT in those countries.


There are settings to exclude the return of stock to individual countries.
The cross border fulfilment settings specifically.
There is an option there to allow inventory to be stored in other countries. You need to ensure that this is set to UK only.
Also, there is a setting for global sales, you need to make sure this is switched off as items can be returned to other countries.

Once you have done the above, there should be no stock held in the other countries, even when selling using EFN.


Thanks Neil, very helpful advice!


Hello, where can I find “The cross border fulfilment settings”
Help please