Swith from EFN to PAN EUROPEAN - is there any problem?


I use EFN curently, but want to swith to PAN European in near future. Is there any complication or problem?


Costs involved & time taken to VAT register in every country.


It took me nearly 3 months to get VAT registrations in all 7 countries.

Do nor try to sell PAN EU until you have VAT registration in all 7 EU countries or they will shut you down in every country.


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Could you recommend any tax service provider that helped you with the VAT registration in all 7 countries needed for PAN EU?

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IF you switch to PAN then they store goods in European warehouses, liable to taxation.
As postage rates are so reasonable for the EU I keep all my stock in the UK.


I dont understand why anyone says you need to be VAT registered in places such as DE, FR, IT, ES unless your imports are over their threshold? You only need to register in other countries if you are running a business that turns over past the countries threshold.
I had this argument with my accountant and they say as long as you are not PAN, you pay VAT only on UK purchases and sales.
Simples to me as Ive done it over 20 years and tax man has always verified it.
I think too much confusion, if you aint sure go talk to a accountant or tax advisor.


Have you found any benefit to selling PAN?


There is a huge benefit in fulfillment fees.


The reason you have to register locally for vat if you do PAN is that the stock stored in the countries , as soon as you have stock stored in the EU country and shipped to a customer in that country you have to register for vat , the distance selling threshold does not apply in that circumstance


Agreed on a par with local and less than half the cost of EFN

FBA fulfilment fees Effective April 1, 2019

FBA fulfilment fees Effective April 1 2019


If you are a UK based business then you only have to get VAT registered in DE, FR, IT if you hold stock in those countries OR if your sales to those countries is more than their threshold.


Will cost you way more than the advantages.

Be smart and only go for a German and France VAT number
The other markets are way smaller and revenue is way lower.
Best is to have a huge stock in france (get a france VAT) and a stock in germany (get a german VAT). You just send a shipment from your home to both of these 2 fullfillment locations. If you sell 150 items, and send for example 500 pieces you have your revenue already in the french market.

If you go PAN, you also have to get VAT numbers in other EU countries then only the marketcountries. Due Poland and slovakia also holds stock, so you need VAT there 2…


How do I check if my account is PAN EU or EFN? I think it is EFN, but I really do not want to get caught up in owing TAX in other countires. I am very confused over wether the German and French Tax obligations will affect me as it stands. Nowhere near 100,000 EUROS in sales in either country


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