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Hi there,

Can anyone help? I have had stranded inventory for nearly 2 weeks now. I set up a support ticket to ask why and was told that the issue was an unverified bank account. I sent them a new statement and Amazon have acknowledged receipt of it. The wait time was 4 days. Nothing has happened in the nearly 2 weeks since I sent the new statement and new support tickets aren’t having any effect.
Does anyone know of a phone number for a support desk that I can call? Is there another way of getting an issue sorted out that anyone knows of?

Thanks for any help.


Stranded inventory and an unverified bank account are two different things.
Firstly, is your bank account actually verified or not? Have you checked all of the EU sites and not just the UK?

As to the stranded inventory, what reason is it giving?


Hi Neil,

Thank you for your help. The reason given was that the bank account was not verified.

I sent another ticket to support and they have emailed me to say the deposit method is now confirmed and the listing is currently active. I have to confirm that yet as it’s still showing as inactive on my system but that could be due to caching on my PC.

Thanks again, Lee


Just because support tell you one thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the correct thing.

If you look at the stranded listing/s, it will give a reason on the stranded listing page.
Bank account, is unlikely to be the reason why it is stranded.
You might not be able to sell, but the inventory shouldn’t be stranded.


Is this your first shipment?
Whats the asin ?


Hello @Sold_By_The_Beadlet,

Have you managed to get your listing active?

@otherseller- thank you for your posts!



Just create another listing with the same SKU. You will end up with duplicate listing. Delete the old listing.

One of my child got separated from parent for no reason. Been at it over 4 weeks…can’t resolve using the method above. If anyone knows, please advise.


Think you might have replied to the wrong thread.
But in any case, if you need help with a variation, your better of opening a separate thread.


Hi people,

My problem is that we have a message from Amazon that says, “This product has been identified as a food supplement that does not contain ingredient information in the ingredients attribute field. The sale of such products is prohibited on In order to reinstate ASINs that have been suspended, please complete the ingredient information in the ingredient field.”
However, because Amazon have removed the listing I cannot find how to get to the ingredients attribute field. If anyone knows the pathway I need to take then I would be very grateful to be pointed in the right direction.


Sorry, no. I think we have moved on from the original issue (but it’s hard to tell with Amazon). I’ve posted onto this thread again so if you could help again that would be great.