Target Audience keywords


I’ve been having a good look at my listings due to the node situation and discovered that the products which were selling had a certain phrase of keywords.

I didn’t take much notice of the target-audience keywords before, but do people think they are useful?

Does google pick them up?

It states 5 terms; is that five phrases or five words separated by commas I presume?


They are extremely important as it allows more people to find your items meaning more sales. So definitely fine tune them and find the ones that are best for you. In regard to Google, it’s unlikely you people will see you amazon listing on there. But not to worry, there are plenty of buyers on Amazon and they will end up finding you.

If you wanted to start appearing on google look at starting up a website and then advertising on Amazon. This will help your SEO (search engine optimisation) rank. I hear amazon have a tasty advertising deal on at the moment. I have tried it and sales increased 45%.

Enjoy, I look forward to hearing back

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