Technical Issues with Vendor Advertising Causes Unauthorised Ad Charges


We have a case open for 5 months with Amazon. In December I saw unexpected charges taken from our bank account for advertising through the previous (now We hadn’t used these ads for a while so I was surprised. When I logged in all ads in Campaign Manager were disabled, as they should have been. However, many campaigns were accruing charges even though the ads were disabled. I discovered the only way to stop the charges accruing was to turn off each and every ad at keyword level.

now the idea of enabling and disabling ads at campaign level is so that you dont have to turn off/on every keyword.

Additionally, many campaigns were so old we no longer had the products in stock. The ACOS was like 2,000 %.

I opened a case which as you might guess no-one seemed to understand the concept and the only reply I got was a third party or api had enabled the ads. This was not the case. So I did a couple of videos showing that by enabling the keywords the ads again started accruing charges even though they were disabled at campaign level.

I am getting nowhere and getting the same old useless replies. I have written to but dont expect that will yield any results.

Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else experienced the same issues?

The whole system is currently messed up and when I view ad costs over the last 12 months it shows none! Yet we have 4 invoices for Nov, Dec and Jan totally over £1,000 which Amazon refuse to refund.

They refunded one campaign which was the one I used in my example in the video - they can’t understand that was just an example and that the charges had been incorrectly applied to many campaigns incorrectly.


UPDATE:As I am getting no sense from Amazon. I have replicated the problem, which still exists. I kept all campaigns disabled and enabled two keywords. I went into Amazon and lo and behold our headline ad appeared. As the campaigns were disabled this should not have happened. I disabled the keywords and the ad stopped. I have sent Amazon a link to this new video. How can they completely ignore such blatant proof. I really need some help from a human (with a brain preferably) not a bot at Amazon. Does anyone have any ideas please. Thanks


SOLVED. Someone from Amazon took “ownership” of the case. After several weeks they admitted there was a technical fault with their system and refunded all unauthorised advertising costs. There is no way this technical fault would have affected our account alone. I can only urge anyone running such type of advertising to check carefully what they are being charged.