Temporary suspension on cross-border service for Amazon Partnered Carrier small parcel deliveries


The French Government has temporarily closed its border with the UK and shipments between the UK and EU. As a result of these delays, and the upcoming customs border for Brexit, Amazon Partnered Carrier UPS cannot fully support cross-border shipments. Effective immediately, we are temporarily suspending partnered carrier small parcel deliveries between the UK and EU.

For cross-border small parcel shipments that have already been collected and are in the UPS network, you can find the latest updates on the UPS website. The UPS tracking status for impacted small parcel shipments will be tagged with Euro Tunnel. If your shipment cannot be transported to its destination, UPS will return your shipment.

Per our previous communication, cross-border pallet shipments booked after 18 December 2020 will only be available for pickup in January 2021. For these shipments, you must be customs compliant and prepare documentation for clearing customs. To learn more, visit our frequently asked questions page.

For any cross-border shipments from a partnered carrier that has not been picked up, you can cancel your shipment and get a full refund for the shipping costs by contacting Selling Partner Support.


Please confirm on seller fullfilled orders. since the order is in transshipment but will get affected due to this ongoing scenario. what is the hope for sellers like us .


Amazon we need to know that you will NOT be applying late delivery hits to our metrics and that you WILL be VERY understanding with A-Z claims for non delivery issues.

Also you need to confirm that when we need to cancel orders due to this issue, that they will NOT be counted against us in our metrics, please respond (for once) and surprise us all.


They have reached agreement as per the above link.


yes they are allowing French nationals and European citizens in only


Amazon I have UPS partnered carton deliveries all prepped ready to go that are all labelled up, 700+ cartons that have cost me over £500 to label up and prepare. I do not really want to cancel them for a refund. Can I just keep them ready on these labels and then when UPS start collecting in January just provide the correct paperwork for UPS post Brexit to handle them? Or do I need to cancel them and restart the labelling in January again? Please clarify


A no deal Brexit preview.
French will be but-hurt over no deal and fisheries. This will happen regularly, I’m almost convinced about it.
E.g. Unprecedented amount of repair works and unscheduled closures of this Euro Tunnel.


they are playing politics with our livelyhoods!


Does anyone have any Amazon updates at all? Hoping it’s not going to last too long, we had to cancel 19 International Orders yesterday. We’ve put all European Marketplaces on Holiday Mode now so we won’t need to cancel anymore. More concerning however is the worry that the cancellations may affect performance metrics. Any word from Amazon on this? 8-(


Update to our last message above: Just checked our French Account and the cancelled orders yesterday are showing under DELIVERY PERFORMANCE at 42% Pre-Fulfilment Cancellation Rate. It was zero before.

Amazon please respond as we sellers need to know we have protection while this situation is on-going.
Thank you.


You can schedule pick up in January and do not need to cancel if you do not want to.



I think that’s not an option with Royal Mail. They removed the other day all International Click and Drop abilities from our online management system. We couldn’t even get the cancelled one’s.
Or do you mean on Amazon with International orders there is currently a way to re-schedule for January? I can’t see as we have no International Orders since closing the International marketplaces



Anyone know when this will be restarting?