The damaged package flooded the customer's floor -


I wanted an advice. I sent the client 2 x persil washing gel. I packed well. DPD left the package on the wipers when the recipient was not at home. When the client returned, he saw the spilled gel under the door flood the parquet floor of the apartment and now he is demanding 500 € from me to repair the floor. Am I responsible for the activities of a third party under the law?


I have no idea, so don’t take this as a response to your question, but this was an FBA order right? Why did they even contact you? Customer Service for FBA orders should be handled by the Amazon team. Have they provided any evidence?


As stated you need to direct them to amazon if its fba however, you do have insurance I take it ?


You will probably need to raise this with DPD but ultimately they will probably hold you responsible and say that you did not pack it well enough and it leaked.

This is where your insurance kicks in, you should be talking to your insurance company now to ensure they are aware of a potential claim. Hopefully they will tell you how to handle it.

If you haven’t got insurance then you may have to pay out to the customer yourself otherwise the customer may take legal action. You may need legal advice on this.

The most important bit is not too promise that the customer will get a pay out and not to admit any responsibility to the customer for the incident. Insurance companies do not like it when you admit responsibility and it may affect the claim.

EDIT: The above assumes this is merchant fulfilled, if it is FBA you need to go to Amazon and get them to deal with it BUT Amazon will may require you have valid insurance in place to cover this.

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