The products went on sale in the wrong asin


Usually you take the barcode from the product and go to inventory - add a product.
Type in the barcode number
If the listing comes up with the exact same details - including brand, you can add your offer to that ASIN


If you can calculate it, could you tell me the exact price, I looked, but I couldn’t calculate it exactly.


The fees are here:

I’m assuming standard size, local removal so 108 x £0.78. Plus 20% VAT.

Amazon are the ones who will calculate the specific price so take mine as a guide, though i don’t think you can see the total until the removal is complete.


Are you on mainland UK?


Are we paying for the cargo at the address where it will go when the products are picked up from the amazon store, or is it included in the price?


The fee is the total for them taking each unit from wherever they are currently stored in the UK and delivering them to an address in the UK. Amazon will take the fee from your account.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: