**The white background requirement deadline is extended to 06/30/2021**


The Handmade team has monitored your feedback and it is clear our Makers need more time to adhere to the new requirements. We appreciate the feedback and want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Get the work done now and add your image as an “Alternative Image” if you want to continue using your lifestyle pictures until the deadline.
  • Paint Bucket tools can change backgrounds in several programs, including Photoshop.
  • Pure white 255-255-255 is the same as #FFFFFF


The whole thing doesn’t make sense.
We had an email last year saying our images needed changing by August 31st 2020. We had 2 months to do it.
Any we didn’t manage to change got suppressed until we changed the picture to a white background.
Then on the forum everyone was saying it was the 31st December 2020 (or 1st Jan 2021)
When I checked other vendors who are similar to ours at the end of January none of them have had to change their pictures.


I have a suggestion for you…just leave things as they are.

The Handmade On Amazon section looks fantastic. Why ruin it with draconian rules on pure white backgrounds?

It ain’t broke so don’t try to fix it.


100% agree with you!


I don’t understand, I’m a handmade seller and I still haven’t had a single email about this. I get all other emails. I would be clueless if it wasn’t for the forum.


Same here, and I bet the vast majority of Handmade sellers never even visit the Forum.

I have no intention of changing my 700+ listing photos to pure white background until I absolutely have to. I’m not going to all that time and trouble only to find out that Amazon has decided to do the right thing and leave them as they are.


Whilst i am really pleased the deadline has been extended again. I agree with the other sellers here it would be so much better if we can keep our different backgrounds. It makes the handmade section look fantastic and unique.

In the meantime i also think many of my listings are being supressed since end of December. Could this be because of the backgrounds?


All my listings have their original non-white backgrounds. The only ones that are suppressed are the ones that are out of stock.

If you click on the Suppressed link at the top of your inventory page (on PC) you can see why your listing have been suppressed.


Just a little help for you, there is a free app called PhotoRoom which you can upload images to and it will automatically do the white background. You can upload single or multiple images. This works for most images but I’m not sure about jewellery or the like. :slight_smile:

No sales since Oct, very frustrating. How to improve

Hey… New to amazon, literally uploaded my products yesterday.
I understand white background was “recommended”, but are you saying it is essential?
If so, on every image or just the lead image? Thanks Donna.


Here are the image requirements -


I also did not even know about this extension. To be honest, my sales dropped off a cliff from the 1st January, I assumed that was due to having not changed over my photos. If it wasn’t free to have a shop and list I wouldn’t even be here anymore. Ridiculous A-Z claims, feedback manipulation, not communicating the stupid rule changes… the list is endless and no amount of complaining seems to make any difference, Amazon don’t even respond! I thought Ebay was bad, but Amazon is horrendous. By far the worst site I have ever sold on.


Just the lead image, everything after you can go to town on and put text all over it if you want.

The reason for the white background is for when Google indexes listings and shows them in Google shopping searches. Without a white back ground Google rejects them and won’t be shown, and you’ll lose natural traffic to your listings.



I’ve just done a Google search and only a tiny number of the results are pure white backgrounds. If what you say is true, Etsy and eBay would also have a white background rule. They don’t and their search results show up fine.


Ebay does have a white back ground rule


and google…


This is why Amazon have the same rule.


If you read the thread that you linked to, the white background is for Google Shopping, not regular Google Search. This is why Google search results show listings on all platforms: including eBay, Etsy and Amazon, regardless of whether or not they have a white background.


How about you apply this logic to the VTR metric?


Who said anything about ‘google search’

I wrote explicitly this…

‘The reason for the white background is for when Google indexes listings and shows them in Google shopping searches.’


No they don’t. They never have. Stop talking nonsense.


You are just hilarious :sweat_smile: