**The white background requirement deadline is extended to 06/30/2021**


Straight from the horses mouth…

‘We know that having a white background on your images can help to improve your listing visibility on and off eBay, as Google search only indexes images on white background.’



No it isn’t! You said eBay has a “white background rule”. The article you linked to isn’t a ruling, it’s just eBay trying to copy Amazon as usual.

Amazon has a white background rule for the main catalogue. Non compliance results in listing suppression. eBay does not have a white background rule and never has.


Pedantry over words.

Its in Ebays image policy.

The give the reasons why the advise it.

They don’t ‘enforce’ it like Amazon, because they are using it for a different reason.

As you were…


As in the difference between a rule, with consequences for non compliance (Amazon) and no such rule, hence no consequences (eBay).

Your statement was that eBay has a white background rule the same as Amazon.

No it doesn’t.


The consequences is your listings may not be visible in Google shopping listings, as Ebay stated.

The rule is Google’s, and instructed to you by Ebay.

Just because Ebay don’t ‘enforce’ it is by the by.

Amazon just enforce it because they enforce everything.

Again, stop being pedandic. I know the reasons why.


If its of any help to anyone I used a guy on the website ‘Fiverr’ to change all my backgrounds for me, was pretty reasonable £12 per 100 and saved me the headache of working out how.


I’d also like to add that both me and my friend who sell here on Amazon handmade changed to plain white backgrounds a couple of months ago when the first emails about it came out and we BOTH saw a significant drop in our sales.
We gave it time in case it was lockdown lifting etc (although we changed them all over before this point) and so we decided to change them all back a few days ago and have since already seen a significant rise in our sales again.
We both agree our products don’t look as classy and attractive on a plain white background and we feel as a result, we were losing interest and sales, even with Amazon ads turned on to try and help.
I’d much rather be excluded from any Amazon campaigns and leave my images (and sales) as they are.
I think this should be considered an option for us to opt whether we wish to be a part of these campaigns that require us to have plain white backgrounds?


Just as a side note, I had a Facebook advert come up for Amazon Handmade yesterday. The product image didn’t have a white background…:woman_facepalming:


I think (most) people selling on handmade have noticed a drop in sales since the white background was intorduced.
The whole point of handmade is that it is a step away from mass produced items.


Does anyone know if 30 June is still the deadline for this change or is it postponed as per the last couple of times? I really want to keep the existing images till the very end :confused:


Hi everyone, I’m monitoring and documenting your feedback, we truly value it.

@Pink_Positive Yes, the deadline is still 6/30/21.


Can anyone suggest an easy online programme for changing the backgrounds on existing pictures. I really dont want to have to re make and re photograph everything if i can avoid it.

Otherwise i will just have to reduce my listings on Amazon as i do it. I really dont understand why this white background has to come in. Especially when i see sellers in the main catalogue not sticking to the white backgrounds themselves.


You can try Adobe Photoshop to remove the background

  1. Upload your JPG or PNG image.
  2. Sign in to your free Adobe account.
  3. Click the Auto-Remove Background button.
  4. Keep the transparent background or choose a solid colour.

It works for some of my listings and most not, it depends on what kind of products.


go on ‘Fivver’ its a website where people offer their IT services, I got 500 backgrounds changed for about £15, saved me the stress.


Am I the only one who still is hopeful that white background rule for handmade will be lifted :slight_smile:
I can see nearly all of the handmade sellers are not happy about it as it makes all products look the same and takes away the handmade look and feel. Do you think the team will change their mind before 30th?


I don’t think so,
but it makes my stuff look manufactured rather than handmade, so I’m holding out until the last day - or maybe beyond, and see if it makes a difference


I’ve only managed to get some of my items photographed against a white background. So I’ll have to wait and see what happens to the others that I haven’t managed to do yet, whether they get suppressed or still available.


I am going to do it in my own time and see what happens. I checked handmade yesterday and i can see about half are on white backgrounds and the rest aren’t. The white looks horrible on items similar to what i sell.

This is the worse decision Amazon could have made, it makes the items look cheaper and mass produced. It also doesnt work well on anything that is transparent or silver. At the end of the day if we lose sales that means Amazon will lose income also.


I did mine awhile back before it got extended but my vintage style costume jewellery doesn’t look good on a white background in my opinion , I think handmade things really need a more organic background .


Hi Sarah - I have just looked at this site but can’t find anyone who does 500 for £15. Could you point me in the right direction of the company please? Thank you, Julie