There is no discount when you set Minimum Order Quantity (FBA)


I noticed that in some products the supposed minimum order quantity discount is not applied.

I have two cases open in this regard for more than three months and they are forwarded weekly to “experts” but are never answered. (It seems they don’t know how to solve it and they keep forwarding it)

I noticed this on zero VAT products.

FBA fee discount for minimum order quantity:

Have you checked whether the alleged quantity discount is actually being applied to your product?


What is one of your asins this should apply to ?


One of them is B001E976Y4


Is it enrolled in small and light ?
For the price and delivery dates it looks though it maybe and that link you provided states

Note: The fee discount does not apply to offers that are enrolled in FBA Small and Light.


Hi @ MD_for_you,

Do you think, that @ The_Little_Shop suggestion could be the reason ?

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Thank you for that.
In fact, this item is enrolled in Amazon Small and Light.
This information may be familiar to many sellers, but this note regarding small and light is relatively new as the last time I saw it was not there. I don’t think even support has been updated on it.


It has been there a while as I looked into it some time ago and I’m s&l only so couldn’t

It’s in a yellow banner box which can often get overlooked