They drained all the products on my account in 1 hour due a price mistake and Amazon don't care a bit



We all made these mistakes somewhere, somehow. You need to accept the mistake, as amazon will not refund these orders. You can always claw back the money lost on future sales. It was a junior mistake and a case of live and learn, good luck for the future - you as the seller should always be aware. Double check everything


I remember a very similar issue with Screwfix a couple of years back, some popular power tool, worth around £100 was mistakenly reduced to £8.99 rather than £89.99, needless to say the word spread very fast around builders forums, a lot of them got ordered, some delivered, but then a lot of orders for 10- 20 units in one hit got cancelled after they noticed the sales spikes, but then you have that power when you control all the pieces.

I expect somebody got sacked that day.

This is business, I don’t ever make mistakes, I learn lessons.

I have done it personally, lost 200 units of some generic earpods a couple of years back that were selling for around £20 but were having a slump, £1.50 each they went for… in 12 mins which was half of what the FBA fee was on each unit.

The bigger issue was that the competitive price had gone through the floor, so we had to ditch that listing completely as they wouldn’t go above £3.00 without being suppressed

Whilst I feel your pain, especially if you are quite new and relying on the turnover, this is something you will never do again, you will learn from it.


I had a similar issue. Lots £5000 worth of stock in a matter of hours. Amazon could stop some but not all.


do i understand you are from Italy? how you succeed to contact someone that finally helped?i would like try the same route, i am from Spain and the wrong orders are all to Sweden,
i tried to contact Sweden amazon support by a ticket but they also refused to cancel.


i ship my orders from home and ‘pricing error’ is one of the reasons I can give for cancelling.


So long as it doesn’t affect your Pre fulfilment cancellation rate too much of course.


yeah FBM is okey for cancel, but FBA is near impossible


Remember one from a few years ago with an overnight repricer glitch that reduced items to pence,10’s of 1000’s £ lost by some sellers.


repricing software companies have insurance to cover such incidents - but they rarely happen. must be a nightmare when it does though


FDTech, that doesn’t help your case. If the order is placed and the customer has received the ‘your order has been placed’ email, then the order is accepted.

You are not the one accepting or declining the order, you contracted Amazon to do so, and they do, upon placement of the order.

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