This should be illegal


I do not work for amazon . I am just another seller


At the risk of trying to help. The account you are having issues with. Is it the same account from 2003 - 2013?


Well if you know it all already you do not need to research of course. But answering very specific customer issues is bound to entail some enquiry. Do not be fooled by the fact that many customers (ie. merchants on this forum) do not know all ther rules - there are far too many in any case - they still have genuine questions and grievances.
My opinion - Amazon have sacrificed justice for the sake of efficeincy eg. dont read what the customer asks, just send a blanket reply that suits no-one except themselves, and wait for the problem to just ‘go away’. This is nothing new by the way.


It is there on the very first page you sign up at so I think you would struggle to say its illegal


Well please accept my apologies. When do you get time to sell?


I’m packing a few fbm sales now , the rest is fba :grinning:


There was an error. But I’m sorry to say that it was made by you, and not Amazon.
You accepted the terms and conditions, but now you’ve realised that you made a mistake and would like your money back.

These aren’t attacks, they’re advice on what your options are (in this case… Limited)
This isn’t a social-network, we are all sellers with businesses to run too.
We can only advise what may have gone wrong, and what we know has (sometimes) worked for ourselves, or others on these forums.

If you don’t agree with the advice, just say “Thanks, but I disagree.” and find somewhere better to look for advice.


Good o then, well done.
You must forgive those on this forum that believe you are Amazon incarnate - your style is so similar


Just for reference, those that do work for amazon, have the amazon logo avatar and ‘_Amazon’ in their profile name


It isn’t.
You asked why Amazon had taken your £30 and were given various answers, none of which appealed to you.

Lots of people here don’t like how Amazon behaves, in lots of ways. Most of those who have replied to your post will have had issues at some point in their selling career’s here. However, some things can be sorted, some things can’t. It’s swings and roundabouts; you pay your money, you take your choice. Sometimes it works in your favour, sometimes it doesn’t. Personally (for the sake of £30), I wouldn’t be jumping up and down about it. I’d just take it on the chin and realise I maybe shouldn’t have signed up to Amazon after all.


I’ve not seen this old chestnut for…oooh…at least a week !!

Nobody here works for Amazon apart from those with a black Amazon avatar. If I had a pound for every time this accusation was thrown in this direction, I’d have enough money to be sipping cold cocktails on a beach in the Caribbean, next to Richard Branson.

Having the time to sell is not a problem when you’re FBA. I work only the equivalent of 1 day a week and Amazon do all the rest. It’s only FBM where people are run ragged, not enough hours in a day et al. Been there, got that t-shirt many a year ago…and cast it off for a better fitting one :grinning:


Hello @ daisyfields,

Thank you for reaching out to Seller Forums.

I would like to inform you, that the Seller Forums is for all sellers of Amazon, who are helping each other with the mutual respect. We want each seller to feel welcomed and comfortable here.

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Yes, we’ve been there (FBA) too and regretted it ! Small fast-selling items - fine. Larger slower selling items - not so good when all the extra fees (eg storage, returns) are added up. Plus, of course we had many, many items which were damaged - and sometimes lost - at Amazon storage depots; the customers were refunded so we lost our good stock plus all the costs associated with sending to the FBA depots (and our feedback suffered too!). FBA works for some - but not everyone! And of course we do not suggest that some on these forums are actually employed by Amazon or paid anything by them. But that does not mean they are not working for them simply by doing their job for them - unpaid labour in fact !


Nah. People here offer their help purely out of courtesy to other fellow sellers. More often than not, the help and support offered here easily beats that offered by Seller Support. However, there will always be those that ask for help but then don’t like the answers they are given.

FBA is a balancing act. How much can you sell versus how long will it sit there before it sells? When it comes to big stuff, you have to be pretty sure you’re going to move it fast. Smaller stuff is far more flexible.


Yes indeed ! We have our own warehouse which is plenty big enough; our goods sell slowly (but they do sell) and we need a large stock but we can keep items several years if neccesary. In most cases, several years at an FBA depot would cost much more than the worth of the item. We look at our business as a long-term venture and have not done too badly at it. With the sort of item we sell - mostly used books - there was always plenty of work involved in FBA too; we could not just say to a manufacturer ‘send 1000 of these to Amazon UK and another 1000 to Amazon US’. Then of course potential customes want details or photos of this that and the other thing - not possible when your stock is elsewhere! There were and are lots of downsides to FBA - so ‘horses for courses’ please.


You guys drinking and forum-ming?
I didn’t make a mistake. I did what Amazon told me to do. But then Amazon has failed on their side.
I am not going to repeat again after this;
Amazon is taking money from new sellers accounts (by saying we have technical problem for now, just click Pro account and then downgrade. We will refund your money- nobody is complaining about it. everyone is paying it without problems (because people are trusting Amazon). Absolutely No errors or mistakes up to that point…

And then; when it is their turn to refund, they say “sorry we can’t do it, there is an error” and they are sorry for it.
So while Amazon is accepting their mistakes, why are you thinking it is my mistake?

Then I found out there are thousands and thousands people like me all around the world. When you bring all that money -which they keep until they refund- it makes a huge amount.
I think there should be more strict lows about it. It should be illegal to keep money “by error” for long time. Or, Amazon should clearly say at the very beginning; There is Pay £30 and

If you you think Amazon is a lier, they never made errors, just say it and keep doing your own business. I never asked your opinion about what I did or didn’t. This topic is about Amazon’s behavior. Don’t you have anything else to do in life? Seriously. That’s why me and many other people think you guys must be working for Amazon :slight_smile:


For sure. But that is only needed because Amazon themselves are genetically unable / unwilling to do their own job themselves. The helpers on these forums help willingly no doubt - but they are doing what is Amazon’s job, for nothing. Amazon therefore have it all ways; advice is given; Amazon are not responsible for that advice, so there can be no come-back to them; Amazon pay nothing except the cost of maintaining the forums; and Amazon will still be as opaque as ever to to most queries once any advice given is followed ! So more advice will be needed and so on …


So are you trying to tell me; errors might be done, you can have problems but you shouldn’t write them on here?
Well, why do you keep replying to my posts then? What is bringing you to this topic?

Secondly, £30 or 3p… it doesn’t matter. It is about Amazon’s behaviour. Not money.
And you should tell this to Amazon. They are the ones here behaving strange to keep £30.


Hello daisyfields!

Seller Forums is a platform open for all the feedback and constructive criticism as long as it is expressed in a respectful way, especially towards the other Sellers.

I am closing now the thread.


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