Threatening Email From another seller


Hi All just recieved this message and have reported it to Amazon as I type this :slight_smile:


Product details enquiry from Amazon customer James Hayes

31-Jul-2020 10:41

We are aware that you are piggy backing our cards and reducing the prices. Why would you do this? Why don’t you want to make money? Stop piggy backing our cards or we will be forced to copy every product you have on Amazon and drastically reduce the prices. We will monitor your company constantly. We will give you 24 hours to remove yourself from our listings .

Has anyone else being targeted by this particualr seller and any advice about what to do if they should try and target my business on here ?
As ever waiting for some great advice


You have reported to Amazon so will be a record on file if you get further threats from this seller, Amazon may issue a warning to the seller, but not a lot more you can do for now, I would not respond to them, leave it to Amazon, it’s their site and rules that are being abused.


@THE_PARTY_GIFT_SHOP Although I don’t condone another seller sending threatening messages I do sympathise with them. There’s nothing more annoying that another seller jumping on your listing (Yes I know the listing belongs to Amazon) but you know what I mean and them undercutting you. Oh the joy. Add auto pricing to the mix and soon you’ll both be making zilch profit or even worse making a loss on each sale.

I wonder if this is the same person who founded Parcel Station, the person that works closely with Amazon and the well known auction site?

Incidentally, I’d remove the email address and sellers name before a moderator sees it.


Well I don’t sympathise when as you say it happens to all of us, I’ve had over 20 listings hijacked, I get undercut on my listings that I’ve started. But again we can all sell against any listing and that’s the way it works. And I’ve been on here for 10years now and this is the 1st time I’ve had anything like this.


I do sympathise with the seller you are undercutting because as you say it happens to all of us and it has happened to me. My guess is you’re undercutting to get the buy box. Well undercutting or being at the top of the list as the cheapest seller doesn’t mean you will get the buy box or sales. Experience has shown that people who buy from who they prefer to buy from. I have no time for sellers who undercut. Sorry, but that’s my view and that I won’t change.


i’ve never seen the buybox go to any other seller other than the cheapest unless its Amazon themselves.


I promise you it does


atm, it is the cheapest on weekday and on Friday, it switches to FBA… that is from my sales… which is fine by me.


Hi again, I don’t wish to fall out but as far as i know now they are a newish seller who has listed against mine and other sellers listings not as it turns out their own. And as for undercutting them I can only assume as they seem to using fba and have set prices higher than mine already were on most they seem to think I’m not making a profit which shows their naivety , also there appear to be several sellers on the listings so i can assume they’ve sent the same to them, but that was never the point the email was intimidating, threatening and totally uncalled for !! In my books that makes them a bully!!


I’m confused. You say at first

But now say


I don’t understand.

Music Magpie, World Of Books, Ziffit and many others have a business based on " undercutting ", and Amazon continually message us to reduce our prices…

RRP or Typical Price no longer matter on Amz,only cheaper. Am I missing something ?