To refund, even though Tracking claims delivered with signature?


We’ve had quite a few of these recently - today a customer has claimed they did not receive their ‘Special delivery next day guaranteed’ RM parcel even though tracking says it was delivered and with signature. Adamant that is not their signature and they haven’t had it.

We had one similar last week and contacted SS for advice, they advised to be as nice as possible to the customer and process a refund. The delivery confirmation and signature (also a picture in this case) makes no difference apparently.

How do others deal with these situations?


I would refund the buyer and claim from Royal Mail.
They can sort it out that’s why we pay for the service .


Have you had success off Royal Mail when claiming for a parcel that has been signed for and tracking shows it was delivered?


Seller support are only telling you that because that is the best outcome for the customer.

In line with amazon guidance, an order that is scanned as delivered with a customer signature should in theory win an a to z (i stress the in theory part here) so you should win one if one is opened, or it would at least be amazon funded.


Was there a GPS location on the tracking as well which corresponds to the buyers address?

I personally wouldn’t be refunding any parcel which shows delivered with a signature.

I not sure Royal Mail will accept a claim for an item that is signed for unless there is other compelling evidence it hasn’t been received such as GPS location being wrong.

It is also a frustrating part of selling on Amazon where you are told Delivery Confirmation and a signature makes no difference. On other market places you are likely to win a claim where this information is available.


The problem is, RM are unlikely to reimburse if their tracking shows as delivered.


They must investigate your claim that’s part of the service you paid for .
Obviously if it’s their fault ,they will refund you the cost price of the item and the postage you paid .

If it’s not their fault ,unfortunately you then we must write it off as a loss .
Or of course if it’s for a large sum of money you can deal with it as you see fit .

I do add a % to my mark up when pricing my products for sale,
this helps when things go wrong .